7 ways to deal with interruptions

Picture this, you’ve got into work and you’re motivated to get on. You sit down ready to tackle your mammoth to-do list and then this happens “Hi, have you got a sec? I’ve got a quick question…” and so it begins…the endless stream of interruptions that eat up your valuable time, making it near to impossible to get anything done, or for you to focus long enough to get anything crossed off your list. Sound familiar?

4 ways to stop getting ill right before your holiday

Picture this… Your desperately needed holiday that you’ve been looking forward to for months is finally getting close, so you look down at your list and have a brain wave…’If you work like a crazy person in the last week you could get everything done and go away with a clean slate and then really relax.’

Leader – 3 signs that you’ve become a bottle-neck

Being the leader of a growing business or a busy department can be extremely demanding. There are so many plates that you need to keep spinning just to ensure that everything is heading in the right direction. In fact, without you keeping track of everything it would...

5 tips to improve your public speaking

So, this week I did something that pushed me way way out of my comfort zone. Something that to be honest I never thought I’d ever do (but actually something I’d secretly wanted to have a go at) and definitely something that taught me so much about me as a person. I...

Bed time reading for Leaders

As a self confessed book worm one of the things that I absolutely love to do when I’m working with people is recommend some bed time reading – and it’s also something that I get asked about a lot. So, I thought I’d put together a quick list of some of my favourites. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means and even though it’s a list of 10 it’s not a top 10 so in no particular order. I’ve also tried to choose great reads from a variety of different topics depending on where you are at the moment.

How to take the fear out of having a difficult conversation

Every job has its ups and downs, with tasks that you love and the tasks that you’d do anything to avoid. For a lot of leaders, one of the dreaded tasks is having a difficult conversation. The thought of having to give someone potentially bad news can strike fear into...

5 ways to know if you’re a heroic leader, and what to do about it

As a leader it’s easy to fall into the black hole of focusing all your attention on the needs of your business and the team. All of it. Every single day without fail your to do list includes task after task of things that you need to do to serve the needs of others....

3 ways to free up time for busy leaders

‘I just haven’t got the time.’ A sentence that I probably hear every single week…and maybe it’s something you can relate to? When you know you’re going to be going non stop from the moment you open your eyes until you hit the pillow again that night. You might...

How to make your habits work for you as a leader

Today I’m preparing for a webinar I’m delivering in a couple of weeks called ‘The 6 daily habits of a successful leader’ when I remembered a chat I had with my 17 year old son just this week. Just to put it into a bit of context, he’s got exams coming up.  “So, if you...

5 ways to manage your own Boss

As a Leader it goes without saying that you have to be on the ball with leading your team, and leading yourself. But more often than not there is still that one person that you really could do with managing, but you’re not all that sure whether you can, should, or even how to go about it?

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