I’m really excited to be opening up 3 additional places for my 6 month one to one Coaching Programme.

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Now onto today’s episode…

Today I’m sharing a fantastic conversation that I had with Ed Fish.

Ed is an Organisational Climatologist which means that  he helps with the Climate in an organisation, which is fundamentally, ‘how it feels to work here.’

Many feel this is ‘the soft stuff’, but it is steeped in science that Ed has been studying for the last 20 years.

He uses this science to demystify how people interact and leaders lead, so maximise human potential and bring some joy to the workplace. Ed started the journey by studying biotechnology and going to work in the process industries.

He is an unreformed engineer, still enjoying some complex maths.  However, his sojourn from design engineer to project management revealed that it is all about people. That is the crux, it’s about people, plural.

It is about that complex area of social structure, and how we behave.

That includes the inner workings of individuals (psychology and emotions) and how they interact in a social, productive context.

You can find Ed on

At his website ed@pandoraconsulting.co.uk

Or email pandoraconsults@gmail.com