The ONE mantra that never fails!

Early on in my corporate career (about 20 years ago now) I learnt a mantra that has absolutely never ever failed to deliver. In fact, it delivers on so many levels. ➡️ It helps me to prioritise ➡️ To avoid overwhelm ➡️ To stop conflict ➡️ It stops me getting angry or...
Why Mindset Matters To Your Business

Why Mindset Matters To Your Business

It matters because it is money left on the table. All the tiny decisions you make each day matter because not all these add value to your business. Concentrating on the high ticket tasks that may take longer, or stretch you, or make you feel uncomfortable but add...

5 tips to get past your fear of visibility

    There are loads of positives around being more visible. It’s great for raising your profile and getting in front of more people; for sharing your message; for having more impact; for helping more people; and for growing your business. That said, it...
3 ways to speak up confidently in meetings

3 ways to speak up confidently in meetings

You’re in a meeting, and you find that you want to speak. You have something to say, whether it’s to ask a question; challenge someone’s opinion; express an idea or comment on something that’s been said. But, at that moment the fear kicks in and you find yourself...


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