Time management remains one of the most asked for personal development topics, and for good reason.

Time is our number 1 resource…we can’t get any more of it no matter what we do, and there’s always a lot to fit into a very small 16 hour daily window (assuming we sleep for 8 hours a night that is!)

But the thing is that time management tips are everywhere. I could list loads right now and you’d probably know them all.

Things like:

  • Turn the notifications of on your email / phone
  • Use a to-do list (and a done list)
  • Get good at saying no
  • Create buffers in between your meetings
  • Delegate

See…none of these are rocket science (although all of them do actually work wonders).

So the real question isn’t ‘how do I manage my time?

But why aren’t I actually doing the things that will actually help me manage my time?’

What’s actually stopping you from putting into practice the things that you know would work?

Over the years I’ve asked a lot of people that question…and more often than not it comes down to your thinking.

For example:

‘I need to keep checking my emails in case something happens’

‘I don’t want to let anyone down so I have to work this weekend’

‘It’s the nature of the job to work long hours’

‘I’m the boss so people have to be able to get hold of me’

‘It’s just expected of me’

‘If I don’t do it no-one will’

‘It’s quicker if I do it myself’

Any of these familiar?

We all have thoughts, beliefs and ideas about what we think we should be doing, or how we think we’re expected to show up…but when was the last time you actually challenged your own thinking and asked ‘is this really true?’

And…if the answer is ‘no’ what could you do instead?

Chances are a lot of what you’re thinking that’s causing you to work in a certain way is just some out of date thinking or habit that’s no longer true.

Sure once upon a time it might have been true.

Or it might have even be true for someone else who had some influence on you at some point (like an old boss) but it might not actually be true for you right now.

And chances are if you changed that thinking and did something different…nothing bad would actually happen.

You might even find yourself thinking ‘why didn’t I do this years ago?’

So, my question is…what are you telling yourself about the way you manage your time that might not be true for you anymore?

Here’s how:

  1. Look at all the things you don’t like about your day. The things that just serve to sap your time and energy…and make a list.
  2. Now write down why you keep doing them…and see what comes up. If you’re lucky you might have a real A-Ha moment and change them right now. If not, keep going and write down all the reasons why.
  3. Look at each of the reasons and challenge each one…one by one, asking yourself ‘is this really true?’ If it isn’t…it’s time to switch your thinking.

Give it a go and see what comes up for you.



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