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  • How to escape your corporate life and start a business with Susie Aguilar

    Welcome to this weeks episode.

    I’m really excited to share that the doors are open to my BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP – The Smash Your Own Ceiling MINI-MIND

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    Every month we’ll jump on a zoom call where we will hit the re-set button, re-charge and re-motivate. I’ll take you through some exercises and you can ask me anything to keep you on track and accelerate your results.

    You’ll also get access to my key resources in a members area, and a private facebook group where you can share things throughout the month.

    AND if you dive in as a foundation member you can access all of this for just £10 a month!!!

    We don’t start until September 6th (at 7pm UK time) but if you save your space now you’ll get some extra free gifts dropping into your inbox as a thank you.

    You can check out all the details here

    Now, onto todays episode where I share a conversation with the lovely Susie Q where we talk about escaping corporate to start a business.

    Now, this episode is for you if you’re curious about leaving corporate; you really want to start a business OR you’ve already taken the leap as we talk about:

    – Why Susie left her corporate career of 16 years (and I share my story too)

    – Why not to call your business a side hussle

    – The power of your values

    – How to be curious in your business

    – Transitioning from one phase of your life to another

    – And Suzie’s step by step approach

    Plus we both share stories from our experiences.

    Susie is an ex corporate gal, who is the Founder of Susie Q Co LLC, a Coaching and Consulting agency based in Knoxville, TN. When she found herself unfulfilled in her 16-year corporate career, she developed a blueprint to escape her toxic J-O-B in March 2022 after dreaming about making her leap for several years. On her podcast, Reinvention Warrior, a top 10% globally ranked show, she teaches high achieving women how to create transition plans when leaving their corporate careers and how to do it on their own terms.

    Susie Q has recently published her very first book titled, Corporate Exit Planning. This Top 50 Ranked workbook, guides women through their transition by helping them build a roadmap to make their 9-5 escape a reality. She provides group and private coaching packages for women who are seeking a strategic approach to planning their career pivot and desire a flexible, yet actionable approach to achieving their goals.


    Get your copy of the Corporate Exit Planning book:

    Learn more about Susie Q and how she can help you build your roadmap out of corporate by visiting

    Connect with her on LinkedIn:

    Chat with Susie Q on Instagram and Facebook @reinventionwarrior

    Tune into her podcast, Reinvention Warrior:

  • I got a whole room to do the power pose…here’s what happened

    Last week I ran an event focused purely on growing your confidence.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing these as having tools in your back pocket to boost your confidence when you need it most, or improve your mindset in the moment is probably the BEST thing you can have in your personal development tool box.

    There we were, doing our thing, when the topic of the Power Pose came up (if you don’t know what this is watch this TED talk, it’s a good one) and the person was nervous about giving it a try…even on their own.

    You see the benefits of doing a Power Pose are that they discovered a link between doing the power pose, and an increase in testosterone and a decrease in cortisol (which is the stress hormone) and an increased feeling of being powerful.

    So, without even thinking about it I invited the whole room to join me for 2 minutes and stand like wonder woman (hands on hips, head in the air…the whole deal)

    I set the timer on my phone and we were off…and here’s what happened!!

    The first 30 seconds felt like a life time. People were fidgeting. Looking embarrassed struggling to find their place…

    Then all of a sudden the room fell into a quiet state of calm and the energy shifted and everyone just embraced it.

    After the full 2 minutes I asked everyone how they felt and they said ‘Amazing’

    Now, I have no idea whether there were any changes to hormones but in that moment we felt great…and all it took was 2 minutes to stand (30 seconds to feel a bit silly and 1.5 minutes to go with it) and you’ve got something you can use in the moment when you need it.

    It all starts with you!!

  • How to get out of the weeds in your business with Gary King

    Welcome to another episode of the podcast.

    This week I’m delighted to share a cuppa that I had with the fantastic Gary King.

    Gary helps business owners to have the freedom to choose where, when and how they work.

    After 25 years in high-growth businesses delivering results at a senior level, Gary knew he could use his skills to help SMEs. A straight-talking, no-nonsense Yorkshireman, he now helps ambitious business owners create the freedom to make choices about their life through a range of online and in-person programmes.

    Having turned around his business and his lifestyle when struggling in the first few years, Gary now runs three successful businesses and it’s his experience he uses to help other entrepreneurs ditch the guilt, start earning what they are worth, and have the ability to make choices about how they spend their time. He creates what many hard-working business owners are missing – the freedom to choose.

    In this episode Gary shares:

    – Why he started his business in the first place

    – How he got stuck in the weeds and how that affected his life

    – What he did to get himself out of the weeds

    – And loads of golden nuggets to help you if you can relate

    Have a listen here

    Gary is also Director & Northern Regional Head for the Association of Business Mentors.

    To get in touch with Gary visit: