As a speaker Barbara’s style is fun, down to earth, engaging and totally focused on transformation. Using stories from her own personal experience and her experience in Leadership Development, Barbara’s workshops are highly interactive and packed full of useful tips that are all ready for you to put into practice. To book Barbara for your team e-mail

The most popular workshops are:

“I’d thoroughly recommend Barbara as a speaker after she lead a workshop evening for me with a group of 40 on the topic of ‘confidence’. Her style is engaging and approachable – she puts everyone at their ease and she’s very funny! Her ability to involve the room and create a ‘safe space’ meant that within a short space of time the group was happily chatting and getting involved with the exercises. The content was engaging and challenging. I had numerous follow ups from attendees who were enthused and really enjoyed the session.” Anna Cliffe, Co-founder and Joint MD at Trinity McQueen.

Smash Your Own Ceiling Workshop

Your mindset is paramount to your success as the saying goes…‘if you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right’.

Therefore it’s fundamental that you have a mindset that’s primed for success.

If you find yourself believing your own excuses; listening to your inner critic or sabotaging your own success this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop you will be taken through the 5 key steps to not only improving your mindset, but also improving your confidence, so you can stop holding yourself back and reach your limitless potential.


Lunch n Learn / short workshop: 90 mins

More in depth: 4 hours

Leading Yourself

Are you guilty of putting yourself at the bottom of your very own pecking order? With your work, team, family, friends, and even housework coming before your needs?

If so, this is the workshop for you. During this workshop you will learn the importance of putting yourself first and how this has a positive impact on not only your well being, but the well being of your team.

You will learn how to:

Get your own house in order so you’re not always in reactive mode, or running on empty

How you’re impacting your team with your current work habits

The importance of daily habits, and routines and how they will positively affect your well-being and that of your team.


Lunch n Learn / Short workshop: 90 mins

Get back in control of your day

Let me ask you a question…how would you describe your typical day? Like you’re: Juggling too many balls? Spinning plates? Treading water? Or on a hamster wheel? 

If you can relate to any of these, and you desperately need to get out of reactive mode to get some much needed headspace, it’s time to understand exactly where your time is going so you can get back in the driving seat of your day.

Throughout this workshop you’ll gain a greater awareness of where you’re leaking time every single day, the small tweaks you can make that will make a huge difference, and how to get the headspace you need without sacrificing results.


Lunch n Learn / Short workshop: 90 minutes

In depth workshop: 3 hours

Your perfect Boss Hat

We all have a million different hats that we have to wear throughout our days, and most of the time are able to swap and change depending upon the situation. But what about the hat that you wear at work? The Boss Hat? How is this different?

Based on Barbara’s popular book, The Boss Hat, we’ll be exploring how to lead from a place that’s aligned with your values, and of authenticity. You will also learn the 10 habits to lead your team successfully, and how to lead yourself.

This is a really interactive session with loads of exercises and a lot of ‘A-Ha’ moments as we discover what wearing your ‘Boss Hat’ means to you.


Lunch n Learn: 90 minutes

More in depth: 1 day




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