If you’re looking for a workshop or keynote to teach, challenge your thinking and have fun at the same time then you’ve come to the right place. 
  1. My specialist topics are: 

  2. Confidence and Imposter Syndrome (How to grow your confidence and side step imposter syndrome and feel like the leader you are)

  3. Mindset and habits (The sneaky ways your mindset and habits are hindering your results without you even realising it)

  4. Productivity Powerhouse (let’s get you out of the weeds, away from fighting fires and make moving the needle your new normal) 

  5. The Elevated Leader (how to elevate as a leader you are without sacrificing your life, your goals or yourself)

  6. All of which will leave your teams / audience with a notebook of lightbulb moments, practical take-aways and motivated to make the changes that will make all the difference.

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  8. If you’d like to enquire further on availability or to discuss your specific needs please email info@barbaranixon.co.uk

  9. All topics that can be either a 60 / 90 minute key note or full day interactive workshop.

  10. (Please note due to limited availability I’m unable to accept unpaid opportunities)

“I’d thoroughly recommend Barbara as a speaker after she led a workshop evening for me with a group of 40 on the topic of confidence. Her style is engaging and approachable – she puts everyone at their ease and she’s very funny!! Her ability to involve the room and create a ‘safe space’ meant that within a short space of time the group was happily chatting and getting involved with the exercises. The content was engaging and challenging. I had numerous  follow ups from the attendees who were enthused and really enjoyed  the session.”  Anna Cliffe, Joint Managing Director, Trinity McQueen