Have you ever had to take a leap into the unknown and start a new chapter in your life?

That’s exactly what Mitzi Campbell and I talked about on this week’s episode as Mitzi shared her leap from Academia to running her own business.

Mitzi has spent over thirty-five years in education.

She teaches, and her dynamic skills in the areas of academia, psychology, non-profit leadership and the creative arts inform her life story in continuous, priceless, and powerful ways and allow her to impact and uplift others with divine sincerity.

Mitzi is the creator and host of The Blessons Podcast where she uses her platform to connect humanity and inspire personal growth and self-discovery for the good of all.


In this episode we talk about:

The importance of a beginners mindset

The catalyst for starting again

Following your truth

Imposter Syndrome

Limiting beliefs that hold you back

And the importance of meditation.

We cover a lot of ground and I’d love to hear your thoughts.