5 tips to get you motivated when you just don’t feel like it

You know that feeling where you’ve got tonnes of work to do, but you just can’t seem to mobilise yourself into action? Yep, I have totally been there too!! You might sit staring at your screen, or your to do list, but not getting anything worthwhile done,...

What are you resisting?

About three months ago I decided to put some structure into how I manage my working week. Now I’d always resisted this because I told myself that I don’t like structure that I like spontaneity. That I had to be available for my clients, that any kind of structure would dampen my creativity. So I resisted it for a long time until I decided I had to create a structure that was right for me. And you know what? It worked an absolute dream.

Stop with the excuses

When amazing people get fantastic opportunities instead of putting their hands up and saying I would love to, they find themselves coming up with an excuse.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

 Comparing yourself to others is really common because we’ve got access to other people’s lives via social media. And if we’re not careful, we can fall into the trap of comparing where we are to where somebody else is and feeling envious or...

5 ways to stop waiting for an invitation?

Have you ever been in the position where you see other people smashing it out of the park, and you’re still in exactly the same place? You look over and wonder… “How did they get that opportunity and I didn’t?” ‘How did they get...

The Power of Consistency

 One thing that I see a lot of is business owners fall into this pattern or scenario of starting things and stopping them and starting them and stopping them and starting and stopping and not being consistent. I see this in all areas of business, but I’m going...

Why Mindset Matters To Your Business

It matters because it is money left on the table. All the tiny decisions you make each day matter because not all these add value to your business. Concentrating on the high ticket tasks that may take longer, or stretch you, or make you feel uncomfortable but add...

5 tips to get past your fear of visibility

    There are loads of positives around being more visible. It’s great for raising your profile and getting in front of more people; for sharing your message; for having more impact; for helping more people; and for growing your business. That said, it...

How to up-level so you achieve more

I’ve just had a lovely conversation with a coaching client about how much they’ve up-levelled in only the 2 months we’ve been working together. It really has been transformational, and now they feel like they’ve not only got more confidence,...

5 ways to overcome Self Doubt

Self doubt can affect us all at some point or another. That feeling that you get when you’re about to do something new, that gives you thoughts like: ‘What are you doing this for?’  ‘What will other people think? Am I doing this right? Although...



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