• Are you ready to stop making things so hard?

    This is the sentence that I said to a client the other day….

    “Are you ready to stop making things so hard?”

    I see this all the time, ways that we block our own success without even realising it.

    • Leaving big projects to the last minute and then having to work late or all weekend.
    • Going to meetings that we don’t really need to, just because we think we should be there
    • Saying yes when we really want to say no (for the millionth time)
    • Reacting rather than hitting the pause button and thinking about what we really want to say
    • Believing our inner imposter, rather than trusting ourselves
    • Getting involved with things that our team are doing when they’re more than capable to crack on
    • Getting busy on the small stuff rather than moving the needle
    • Staying quiet in that meeting, when you’ve got something to say.

    This list could go on an on…and I’m sure you know exactly what your favourite flavour of ‘hard’ is for you.

    So today, I’d love to invite you to see things differently.

    What would happen if you chose another way?

    What would happen if you chose easier?

    And what would easier actually look like for you?

    Feel free to hit reply and let me know if you’d like some extra accountability

    Have a fab weekend


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  • How to speak up in meetings when you’re feeling like an imposter

    *I don’t feel like an imposter anymore*

    Of course you don’t!!!

    When I first met this Exec the first thing he said…

    *I’m tired of feeling like I don’t belong in meetings, and I’ve had enough of staying quiet*

    I get it’

    Staying quiet is EXHAUSTING….

    Because you’re not ACTUALLY staying quiet.

    You’re having a mental battle in your head that goes something like this…

    You: *speak up*

    Also you: *What if I’m wrong?!*

    Also you: *speak now!*

    Also you: *Everyone’ll look at me*

    Also you: *Now… go… go*

    Also you: *You’ve missed it now*

    And then Jim says the thing you were going to say and you kick yourself all the way home.

    But not now…

    Oh sweet sweet release….

    No more *Am I good enough*

    No more mental battle

    Because you KNOW you’re good enough!

    You’re now the one who says what they wanted to say.. and it feels INCREDIBLE!

    And not just that… other things happen too….

    You get asked your opinion more often

    You get invited to *bigger* meetings

    You get more opportunities


    It’s like you’ve gone up a level in the game… because YOU HAVE!!!

    You’ve ELEVATED

    This is why I LOVE working with execs one to one in my 6 month programme.

    Because we get to talk about this stuff without it looking like a weakness.

    Because you get to see everything from a completely different perspective. Think lightbulb moments and *why didn’t I think of that?*

    Because we sort out the things that have been holding you back. Think old habits, ways of working that just don’t work anymore…

    And because you’ll see the ripple effects happen fast, like a lot more time, more time with your kids / other half, no more working weekends, feeling happier, your team doing well, your business growing…it’s all connected.


    Hi I’m Barbara and I LOVE seeing business leaders ELEVATE

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  • I got a whole room to do the power pose…here’s what happened

    Last week I ran an event focused purely on growing your confidence.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing these as having tools in your back pocket to boost your confidence when you need it most, or improve your mindset in the moment is probably the BEST thing you can have in your personal development tool box.

    There we were, doing our thing, when the topic of the Power Pose came up (if you don’t know what this is watch this TED talk, it’s a good one) and the person was nervous about giving it a try…even on their own.

    You see the benefits of doing a Power Pose are that they discovered a link between doing the power pose, and an increase in testosterone and a decrease in cortisol (which is the stress hormone) and an increased feeling of being powerful.

    So, without even thinking about it I invited the whole room to join me for 2 minutes and stand like wonder woman (hands on hips, head in the air…the whole deal)

    I set the timer on my phone and we were off…and here’s what happened!!

    The first 30 seconds felt like a life time. People were fidgeting. Looking embarrassed struggling to find their place…

    Then all of a sudden the room fell into a quiet state of calm and the energy shifted and everyone just embraced it.

    After the full 2 minutes I asked everyone how they felt and they said ‘Amazing’

    Now, I have no idea whether there were any changes to hormones but in that moment we felt great…and all it took was 2 minutes to stand (30 seconds to feel a bit silly and 1.5 minutes to go with it) and you’ve got something you can use in the moment when you need it.

    It all starts with you!!