Hi, I’m Barbara Nixon, your Leadership Coach, and I’m here to help you have a career and a life you really love!

This is a place that’s completely dedicated to helping you grow and maximise your potential.

To get the most out your time so you’re achieving more without working any harder.

To give you the skills you need so you don’t have to second guess yourself anymore.

To improve your confidence, prime your mindset for success and stop you from getting in your own way.

To show you how to lead the people around you so they’re thanking you for years to come.

To help you become the leader you were always meant to be.

I’m here to support you on your journey, to help you remove the blocks that are holding you back, so you can get the results you really want.

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“I have been working with Barbara for a while now and I love her style. Practical, pragmatic, challenging and supportive. She never fails to deliver words of wisdom or challenges that help drive personal and professional stretch. Her approach to coaching and her Leadership Toolbox are fantastic and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Michelle Reid, HR Manager

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“All of the things that Barbara shares are life changers both in and out of work. It’s all so useful and I’m very fortunate and privileged to have access to all of her teachings. Thank you”

Bill Arthur

About Barbara

Barbara helps Business Owners, Directors and Managers, improve their confidence and mindset, get back in control of their day and work smarter  – and really grow as a leader.

She does this through her one to one Coaching Programmes, her online membership programme (The Smash your own ceiling Mastermind), and her online leadership development programme (The Boss Hat Programme) and she prides herself on teaching leaders at all levels the small tweaks they can make to reap MASSIVE results.

With a style that has been described as ‘Down to Earth’ ‘Fun’ and ‘Approachable’ – like ‘chatting to your friend but getting amazing results at the same time’ Barbara focuses on helping leaders get the rewards they want whilst building a life and career they really love.

Barbara is the author of The Boss Hat, and has been featured in Addicted2Success, and Thrive Global. 


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