I’m Barbara Nixon, and I’m a Success Coach here to help you Smash Your Own Ceiling™️ in Business, (and Life!)


If you’re a Business Owner or Leader and you’re ready to grow your confidence, stop getting in your own way and step into the person you were always meant to be, you’re in the right place…because there’s one thing that I know for sure. Success Begins with You!


Who am I anyway?

Hey, in case we’ve not met before,  I’m Barbara, a Success Coach or who helps Business Owners and Leaders to Smash their Own Ceiling™️ and grow themselves so they can grow their business.

I’ve been in the People Development space for all of my career (24 years and counting!) and have had the absolute pleasure of working with thousands of amazing people from CEO’s and Managing Directors of 7 and 8 figure businesses with huge teams, to Business Owners who are at the start of their journey and everyone in between, helping them to unlock their potential, side step their blocks and step into the person they were always meant to be…and I’d love to help you to.

The thing is…I know for a fact that when you rise everything else does too. Your business, your clients, your teams and your bank balance! Plus it feels so much easier than spinning your wheels and getting in your own way.

I’m also a speaker, the author of The Boss Hat (a self help guide for new managers), The Smash Your Own Ceiling Planner and The Smash Your Own Ceiling Business Workbook, and I’ve been featured in Addicted2Success, Thrive Global and The BBC. You can also find me hanging out in my free Facebook Community, The Smash Your Own Ceiling Society, and on Instagram.

Behind the scenes, I’m married to Dave, who has his own coffee business, and between us we’ve got 4 fantastic kids (3 in their 20’s, and 1 teen) and an amazing dog. I’m super chilled and down to Earth, totally addicted to books and box sets and you’ll never find me that far from a cup of tea!!

If you’re ready for next steps –  check out My One to One Coaching Packages, my Business Mastermind (The Smash your own ceiling Academy), and my signature mindset incubator programme (The Smash Your Own Ceiling Collective) Your future self will thank you for it!





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