I’m Barbara Nixon, and I’m a Success Coach here to help you Smash Your Own Ceiling™️ in Business, (and Life!)

I know you started your business because you wanted more FREEDOM, and to have a lot more IMPACT.

That you have this whisper, deep down inside that’s telling you that you’re here for more, that you just can’t shake off.

That you’ve got the skills, knowledge and experience, and that your clients get amazing results…but right now you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and like you’re going round in circles…and this is starting to chip away at your confidence, causing you to doubt yourself and your own ability.

If this is you, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help you to Unlock Your Potential, Step into Your Power and Grow a Business that will help you fuel your dream life…because there’s one thing that I know for certain…

Success Begins with you!!!

Are you ready to get started?

Who am I anyway?

In case we’ve not met before,  I’m a Success Coach and Business Mentor who helps Business Owners  to Smash their Own Ceiling™️ and grow their business to create a life that they love.

With 20+ years in the Personal Development space and over 10 years running my own business I’ve worked with thousands of people from CEO’s and Managing Directors to Business Owners who are at the start of their journey to unlock their potential, re-gain their momentum and get the results they really want… and I’d love to help you too.

I do this through my one to one Coaching Programme, my 3 month Business Mastermind (The Smash your own ceiling Academy), and my signature mindset programme (The Smash Your Own Ceiling Bootcamp) and I pride myself on teaching the small tweaks that can make MASSIVE results.


I’m also a speaker, the author of The Boss Hat, The Smash Your Own Ceiling Planner and I’ve been featured in Addicted2Success,Thrive Global and the BBC.

Behind the scenes, I’m married to Dave and between us we’ve got 4 fantastic kids (3 in their 20’s, and 1 teen) and an amazing dog. I’m totally addicted to books and box sets and you’ll never find me that far from a cup of tea!! 


Want to read more about my journey?

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