• 5 ways to help you really switch off

    This week I got asked this question: “Barbara, I lead a team of 12 people and my biggest problem is that I struggle to switch off. I regularly check my emails at home, and take calls at the weekend, and my phone is never really far from reach.  Any tips?” This is such a great question […]

  • 6 reasons why you keep failing at your goals

    I am very goal orientated, and I get a real kick out of deciding upon what I want to achieve in the New Year. I then absolutely love crossing things off when I have completed them. This list is created around the end of the year, and I refer back to it at regular intervals so that I can use it as a measuring stick for my progress.

  • Tips for my 18 year old self

    After seeing the fantastic linkedin influencers theme ‘If I were 22’ I was reminded of my eldest daughter turning 18. Rather than buying her an extravagant gift I wanted to give her something from the heart. So I created a scrap book of her life with letters from all the members of the family. Everyone […]