• 015 – The Enough’s enough moment

    The enough's enough moment

    Hey, welcome to today’s Daily Download, where I’m chatting about the enough’s enough moment and how to tell if you’re there. Please feel free to chat on Instagram or Facebook and download your copy of the workbook – 7 ways you’re blocking your own success. Enjoy Barbara

  • 014 – Giving Yourself Permission to Write a Book

    Giving yourself permission to write a book with Safiya Robinson

    Hey, welcome to another episode of The Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast. Today I have the pleasure of sharing a fantastic chat with Safiya Robinson. Safiya is a storytelling coach, author, blogger, editor and storylistener, and an island girl from Barbados, and the human behind the #WritingBlackJoy project to centre and celebrate the joyful stories of Black […]

  • 013 – The power of the ripple effect

    Hey, welcome to another Daily Download, and today’s chat is all about the power of the ripple effect. I’d love to know your thoughts, let me know on social you can find me on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. Enjoy Barbara

  • 011 – How to get things done by being intentional

    How to get things done by being intentional

    Hey, welcome to another Daily Download. In the mini-sode I’m chatting about the shifts you get from being intentional rather than just task driven. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts on Instagram and Facebook. Also, feel free to share and start your ripple effect. See you tomorrow Barbara

  • 010 – The search for perfection

    The search for perfection

    Hey, welcome to another Daily Download. In this mini episode I’m chatting about the search for perfection and how it stops us from getting what we want. Take action from this episode and feel free to tag me on Instagram, and don’t forget to share with your people and start your very own ripple effect. Catch […]

  • Episode 009 – How to Dream Big

    How to dream big

    Hey, welcome to todays Daily Download in The Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast, where today I share 3 words that will really help you to dream big. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or Facebook to let me know how you got on, and feel free to share to spread that ripple effect even further.

  • Episode 008 – Manifesting Your Best Year Yet

    Manifesting Your Best Year Yet

    Hey welcome to the very first Daily Download in the Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast. These are short episodes where I share a thought, tip, light bulb moment in my day. I hope you like them. Today I’m sharing an exercise that I do every single New Years (I’ve been doing this so long I […]

  • 007 – Growing Your Confidence

    Growing Your Confidence

    In this episode of The Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast I chat about all things confidence and share tips for what you can do if growing your confidence is something you’re working on. Check it out here  

  • Episode 006 – Shedding your skin and following your inner calling

    Ruth Richards from Intuition Connection

    In this episode I talk to my lovely friend, Ruth Richards from The Intuition Connection We talk about what it’s like to step into your purpose and shed your skin, from something that you’re doing now to something that’s calling you from within. The book that Ruth recommends is the Four Agreements by Don Miguel […]