*How are you making things harder for yourself or your team?*

I asked this to a group of Senior Leaders… it went quiet… and then the lightbulb moments started..

*Jumping in and fixing everything*

*Taking everything on myself because I think its quicker*

*Over committing cos I don’t want to let people down, then I end up working weekends*

*Being scared of failing so I hold back*

*Not speaking up in meetings*

I could go on…

But this is why mindset plays a HUGE part in the work that I do.

Because you might be a leader but you’re still HUMAN!

And the way you think and feel creates your actions, and then your actions create your results (and also your habits).

Which is why I see so many people relying on ways of working they’ve used before not realising its actually making things A LOT harder than it needs to be… AND it’s slowing things right down!

And then we blame the amount of work
And that there’s never enough time
And the team needing you so much

When actually making some small shifts can make a MASSIVE difference!!!

Giving you more time, balance and breathing space
More confidence
And a much more empowered team

This is what we do on The Elevated Leader full day workshop where we talk about:

– The impact of your daily habits on your results (in and out of work)
– The small shifts you can make to get more time, and have a more empowered team
– How your mindset is affecting your actions under the radar
– How to start to elevate and feel more confident as a leader without working any harder or sacrificing your life.
– How to remove the blocks that are holding you back.

For Senior Leadership Teams only

I’m getting booked up before the summer so only have 4 days available for May & June.

16th May
22nd May
11th June
19th June

Send me a direct message and I’ll send you all the details.

PS if these dates don’t suit let me know to get first dibs on Sept – Nov.