One of the biggest benefits to *getting out of the weeds* isn’t actually what you think…

Yes having more time to think strategically is a gamechanger!!

And yes I LOVE it when you tell me you have your evenings and weekends back without your phone pinging every 2 munutes.

But by far the biggest benefit and one that makes a MASSIVE difference to your business is that your team grow too.

When YOU step back from the day to day you make room for your team to STEP UP.

They become more empowered (and a lot less frustrated)

They solve problems, and make decisions where before you would have been involved or they’d have run things past you.

And that in turn allows their team to grow too.

A rising tide really does lift all ships

Leaving you with a lot more time and focus to do all the things that have been burning a hole in your to do list that will take your business to the next level.

Have a fab day



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