Believe it or not there was a time when I really struggled with stage fright.

I also struggled with:

imposter syndrome
And getting in my own way

Did anyone know?


But I did!!!

I felt it in my gut!

I knew I was bumping up against my own self imposed ceiling of how *successful* I was allowing myself to be.

It felt awful and so very frustrating!

(It’s the reason why I named my brand *Smash Your Own Ceiling*.)

And Senior Execs, Managing Directors and Business Leaders say things like this to me all the time…

*I’m just a kid brought up in xxxx*
*I don’t have a degree*
*Am I even good enough to do this?

And they stay quiet in meetings when they want to speak up

And they get busy on the small stuff instead of moving the needle

And they get too involved with their team instead of trusting and stepping back.

Their own blocks showing up to keep them *safe*

I get it!

And then we get to work and they elevate and feel completely different and as a result get completely different results… it’s liberating!!

So if you’ve had enough of getting in your own way and you’re ready to be the leader your business needs there are 3 ways I can help right now.

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