What’s your self sabotage?

I was running a workshop about this recently and we had a fantastic conversation about what I call our *Success Blocks*.

The way we put on the brake pedal when we’re doing something that’s taking us out of our comfort zone (and most of the time we don’t even realise it as it’s happening under the radar)

Some of the most common ones I see coming up with my clients are:

1. Getting busy on the small stuff and not tackling the things that would really move the needle.

2. Believing assumptions or excuses (One of my faves was not sending an email because *it wasn’t the right time* which resulted in a 6 fig contract ????)

3. Self doubt, imposter syndrome, feeling like you’re going to fail.

4. Playing small or hiding (this is a sneaky one)

5. Getting stuck in the weeds of the day to day

6. Fixing things for the team and constantly jumping in.

7. Starting again – lurching from one idea to the next

8. Always being available – saying yes when you want to say no and not letting anyone down.

I could go on… there are loads of ways we inadvertently sabotage our success, but when you start to see them it becomes so much easier to sort out.

What’s yours?

Have a great day


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