Have you ever struggled with Imposter Syndrome?

That feeling where even though you really know your stuff and have got all the skills, knowledge and experience, that you’re going to get found out, and it was all just luck?

If so, you are definitely not alone.

In fact, I probably get asked about this at least once a week and ​I know from experience that even though you know rationally that you’re not an Imposter, that it can just come from no-where to stop you in your tracks and it can be really tricky to shake the feeling off.

So, if this is you, give these a try

  1. Don’t claim your Imposter Syndrome

Yes, you might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you have forever. So, avoid saying ‘I have Imposter Syndrome’ or ‘My Imposter Syndrome’.

When we claim something it makes it harder to get rid of, so instead know that it’s just something you’re experiencing at the moment, and is a mindset block, and a thought like any other and is something you can side step going forwards.

2. Look for evidence

It can be easy when you’re feeling like an Imposter and not good enough, that you only see evidence of when you’ve not been good enough. Instead, it’s time to flip this on its head and start to look for all the evidence of why you’re NOT an Imposter and how you do really know what you’re doing.

So, write down, the qualifications you’ve got, your experience, the things you’re proud of; the things you’re really good at and the things you’ve achieved. This alone really will help, and will remind you that you do know what you’re doing.

3. Ask yourself  WHERE you’re an imposter

More often than not you’re feeling this way because you’re stretching your comfort zone in some way.

Maybe it’s because you’re doing something new at work or in your business, and behind the scenes you’re learning or acclimatising to your new situation. If so, give yourself permission to learn and be new and be a work in progress.

4. Know that it’s just a phase

Just because you’re feeling like this now, doesn’t mean you always will. It’s not who you are, and even though you feel like an imposter doesn’t mean you are one. So, breathe yourself through it, and give yourself some grace.

5. Choose another thought

Although it feels really real, imposter syndrome is just another thought that you’re thinking. But just because you’re thinking it, and feeling it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Practice thinking another thought when the imposter feeling pops up (see #2 and #6)

6. Have a pattern Interrupt

Pattern interrupts are great when you’re overcome with a feeling like imposter syndrome. Here’s what it is, it’s where you do something completely different to jolt out of the feeling. Things like listening to music, going for a run / walk (or exercise in general) doing another task; calling a friend about something else; or giving yourself a bit of a shake can work wonders.


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