• How to get more out of life with Michelle Rios

    Today I’m excited to share a chat I had with the fabulous Michelle Rios.

    Michelle is a motivational speaker, podcaster, award winning communications leader. In her more than 25 year career, she has coached CEOs and individuals alike to optimize their performance, enhance team engagement, and live their best lives. Her latest role is host of the Live Your Extraordinary Life podcast, which launches in January 2023. When not public speaking, podcasting, or traveling with family and friends to experience new places around the world, Michelle enjoys spending time at home in northern Virginia with her husband, 15 year old son, and two Great Pyrenees.

    In this episode we talk about:

    When Michelle had her light bulb moment about happiness and what life was really about

    The steps she took to re-claim her happiness

    That if you don’t ask for what you want, you don’t get it

    How to change the rules to suit what you want and need.



    You can find her on her brand new podcast: Live Your Extraordinary Life
    And on Instagram

  • How to side step Fear of Success with Michelle Colt

    Have you ever felt afraid of achieving the success you really want?

    If so, you’re definitely not alone and this is exactly what I chat to Michelle Colt about in this episode.

    Michelle has been leading sold out workshops as well as coaching private clients for over 18 years.
    In her mid to late 30s she suffered with debilitating anxiety and crippling fear. Through great inner investigation and outer searching she discovered the keys to overcoming these limited states once and for all. It brings her great joy to help transform the lives of countless individuals who continue to accomplish great heights in their lives and careers. She is known as “the nervous system whisperer’ for her simple, profound and highly effective techniques to feel grounded and safe.

    In this episode we dive into Fear of Success
    what it is
    What are the symptoms and Practical tips to side step it.


    To find out more about Michelle, click here

  • How to side step Imposter Syndrome

    Have you ever struggled with Imposter Syndrome?

    That feeling where even though you really know your stuff and have got all the skills, knowledge and experience, that you’re going to get found out, and it was all just luck?

    If so, you are definitely not alone.

    In fact, I probably get asked about this at least once a week and ​I know from experience that even though you know rationally that you’re not an Imposter, that it can just come from no-where to stop you in your tracks and it can be really tricky to shake the feeling off.

    So, if this is you, give these a try

    1. Don’t claim your Imposter Syndrome

    Yes, you might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you have forever. So, avoid saying ‘I have Imposter Syndrome’ or ‘My Imposter Syndrome’.

    When we claim something it makes it harder to get rid of, so instead know that it’s just something you’re experiencing at the moment, and is a mindset block, and a thought like any other and is something you can side step going forwards.

    2. Look for evidence

    It can be easy when you’re feeling like an Imposter and not good enough, that you only see evidence of when you’ve not been good enough. Instead, it’s time to flip this on its head and start to look for all the evidence of why you’re NOT an Imposter and how you do really know what you’re doing.

    So, write down, the qualifications you’ve got, your experience, the things you’re proud of; the things you’re really good at and the things you’ve achieved. This alone really will help, and will remind you that you do know what you’re doing.

    3. Ask yourself  WHERE you’re an imposter

    More often than not you’re feeling this way because you’re stretching your comfort zone in some way.

    Maybe it’s because you’re doing something new at work or in your business, and behind the scenes you’re learning or acclimatising to your new situation. If so, give yourself permission to learn and be new and be a work in progress.

    4. Know that it’s just a phase

    Just because you’re feeling like this now, doesn’t mean you always will. It’s not who you are, and even though you feel like an imposter doesn’t mean you are one. So, breathe yourself through it, and give yourself some grace.

    5. Choose another thought

    Although it feels really real, imposter syndrome is just another thought that you’re thinking. But just because you’re thinking it, and feeling it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Practice thinking another thought when the imposter feeling pops up (see #2 and #6)

    6. Have a pattern Interrupt

    Pattern interrupts are great when you’re overcome with a feeling like imposter syndrome. Here’s what it is, it’s where you do something completely different to jolt out of the feeling. Things like listening to music, going for a run / walk (or exercise in general) doing another task; calling a friend about something else; or giving yourself a bit of a shake can work wonders.


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  • Moving past Imposter Syndrome to step into your truest self with Hannah Meza-Irvine

    Today I’m really excited to be sharing a conversation with Hannah Meza-Irvine all about Imposter Syndrome and stepping into your truest self.

    Hannah is a former divorce solicitor turned copywriter for badass business owners. After going through her own journey of discovering what she really wants to do in life, she helps business owners find their true voice. She writes a wide variety of heartfelt copy, including for websites, blogs and social media captions.

    We talk about:

    Hannah’s experience with imposter syndrome as she found herself in a career that just wasn’t for her

    The practices she took to find space to uncover what was right for her

    The importance of creating that space

    The steps she took to move past imposter syndrome

    Having the courage to step into her next career

    Giving yourself permission to be curious

    Grieving her past self as she moved forwards

    The importance of giving yourself grace as you move through this

    To learn more about Hannah visit: hmicopyagency.com

  • What would you do if you were really brave?

    This question made me think this week…

    What would you do in your business or career if you were really, really brave?

    It was a text back and forth with one of my friends and even though I’d asked the question, it really made me think for a couple of reasons.

    1) All of the things I wrote down were things I could actually do now

    But most importantly

    2) The next question that came up pretty much straight away was…why aren’t I doing them?

    Cue a list of excuses…

    The thing is excuses are sneaky little blighters as they feel like actual real life reasons…but they’re not.

    I know this because of a game I lovingly called the ‘Million pound drop’

    Here’s how it goes…

    Think of something that you’d do in your business / career if you were brave.

    Got it?

    Now think of why you can’t do it.

    OK…would you do it if I was going to give you £1 million??

    If the answer is yes you’ve just caught yourself an excuse.

    Because all the ‘reasons’ why you weren’t doing them have just literally vanished.

    Give it a go, then see whether you can have a go at the things on your first list.


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  • Healing the Mother Wound with Brooke Bownes

    This week I’m excited to share a conversation with the fantastic Brooke Bownes.
    Brooke is an accredited trauma coach, therapist & global No.1 bestselling author. She works with midlife women who struggle with mother wounds and want to heal those wounds, find their power, confidence and release their trauma so they can go for their goals. 
    She’s passionate about this as she once felt powerless and was scared to show up in the world as herself, she then started working on her mindset, she discovered who she was & love the feeling of inner contentment and confidence. She went from scared to speaking on stage.
    She is an introvert that discovered how to rewire her brain and regulate her nervous system, release my trauma so she could achieve the dreams she wanted to achieve and now she helps people do the same.
    She can hand on heart say ‘I know it can be done, she has walked in similar shoes to yours, she has felt your fears, she has been frustrated by blocks.
    A bit about her background, she had an abusive relationship growing up with a narcissist mother, she then moved on to two abusive relationships, she’s been homeless, she’s brought up 4 children single handed, she has a unique way of understanding people where they are at andhelping them to find their power.
    She now lives in a beautiful house with my husband and run a successful business whilst having fun on adventures in their camper van.
    In this episode we talk about:
     – What is the Mother Wound
     – How to tell if you have a narcissistic mother
     – The effects that you might experience as an adult
    You can find Brooke here:
  • How to set goals that work

    In this episode I take you through my goal setting process so get your notebook, and pen at the ready and let’s get started.

    I share:

    The missing piece in goal setting that makes all the difference

    The step by step process for setting goals

    How and why you should even bother

    Listen in here

  • How to side step fear and prime your mindset for success with Irina Krasko

    I’m really excited to share a fantastic conversation that I had with Irina Krasko.

    Irina is a Life Coach and Mindset Rewiring Expert for entrepreneurs and other independent leaders and she helps her clients lead life and business their own way.

    She works with business owners from various industries and different stages of business to carve out the path that works best for them and then “rewire” emotional and behavioural patterns which may detour them from that path.

    She uses a fusion of modalities such as breakthrough coaching, NLP and elements of hypnotherapy to support the internal and external changes.

    In this episode we talk about:

    How to spot the difference between fear and your intuition

    How to tap into and listen to your intuition

    What fear is actually telling you

    And how to improve your mindset so you don’t hold yourself back and get in your own way.

    For more information on Irina check out Success Identity training – a self-paced mindset shifting tool to up-level results in any area – life or business.  Or follow her on Instagram, And Linkedin here

  • How creating space in your diary can help when something unexpected happens

    Life happens sometimes!

    At the end of last year my eldest daughter got ill and had to go into hospital for a few days

    So, I did what any mum would do. I dropped everything, completely cleared my diary and focused on her and being a mum, because this is actually the reason I resigned from my corporate life back in 2010…and it’s something I have never ever lost sight of.

    I’m a mum first!

    I know how real the juggle is!!

    My diary was full to the brim on this particular week as I was trying to clear things off before the holidays…so there was a lot of emails saying we had to push back to the New Year and it reminded me of something that I fiercely protect.


    I learnt this skill from my corporate life and from working with hundreds of CEO’s, Managing Directors and Senior Leaders…


    When you consciously protect space in your diary, you can nudge things around if you need to without frantically searching for a day or even an hour to have that call that you needed to re-arrange.

    And when you cultivate space, you have time to think, reflect, or even take the afternoon off for a cheeky coffee and cake date with your best friend that you haven’t seen in ages.

    So,  take a glance at your diary and add in some space.

    Add in the school holidays or just normal holidays

    Add in dates with your other half (even if they end up being dates with yourself ?)

    Add in thinking and planning and strategy days

    And add in just the odd day here and there for unexpected fun.

    Creating space is magic!!