Hey, welcome to a brand new episode of The Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast.
Today I’m super excited to welcome a brand new guest to the show – Solveig Petch (aka Petchy) where we talk all about the mindset of a brand new entrepreneur.
– The transition from being employed to being a business owner
– Creating your own rules of being your own rules
– Getting used to being your own boss
– The struggle and benefit of niching down (and how to do it and breaking the rules)
– Petchy’s biggest learning since starting her own business
– Showing up as yourself
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Let me introduce Petchy who is a brand strategist and identity designer for purpose-driven business owners who want to build their brands their way; without pretending to be something they’re not, without compromising on their truths, without unethical business tactics and without screwing people over in the process. She is on a mission to help other business owners unlock the power of their unique brand personality, so they can attract and connect with more of their perfect-fit clients. From her home office in rural Norway, she crafts strategic brand identities with a no bullshit approach and a sprinkle of tough love. She’s also the host of Brand it! with Petchy – a podcast dedicated to demystifying brand strategy and helping business owners discover and consistently express their brand’s inner core.
You can connect with Petchy on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/petchy.co
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