If you’ve ever wondered why you seem to be super busy all through the day and you still haven’t got the results that you really want,
more often than not, the answer is in your habits.

Our days are literally full to the brim with habits. From the second we get up to the second we go to sleep it is non stop habits.I mean, have you ever tried brushing your teeth with the ‘wrong’ hand? Or showered yourself in a different order?

Give it a go…it’s an experience I can tell you.

Now although habits are pretty handy, as its our brains way of putting us on autopilot so we don’t have to think about every little thing, the problem is that we also have what I call ‘out of date’ habits.

These are habits that you’re still doing, but they no longer serve you…in fact they’re now costing you.

Costing you time.
Costing you money
Costing you your well-being

But yet we still do them.

So in this episode of the Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast I’m going to share a personal story of when I spotted an out of date habit and what I did about it. And I’ll also share how to spot these these habits that are no longer serving you….AND why you should bother doing this at all.

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