• 014 – Giving Yourself Permission to Write a Book

    Hey, welcome to another episode of The Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast.

    Today I have the pleasure of sharing a fantastic chat with Safiya Robinson.

    Safiya is a storytelling coach, author, blogger, editor and storylistener, and an island girl from Barbados, and the human behind the #WritingBlackJoy project to centre and celebrate the joyful stories of Black authors.

    Her books include Everything is a Thing – my journey to leading a truly authentic life, Lessons in Love and Wellbeing for Dentists – thrive in your practice and every area of your life, available through my shop and a twice monthly newsletter that you can sign up for here.

    As a coach and editor, she helps clients create content that connects with their audience right where they are. And she loves working with Black writers to bring their joyful stories into the world.

    In addition, she is a keen world traveller who uses her writing to explore her experiences and philosophy on life, sprinkled with fun, humour and big love from a small island.

    In her spare time you’ll find her enjoying island sunsets, baking delicious treats, spending time with friends or family, and making corny jokes.

    In this episode we talk about writing your first book; the development journey behind the writing process, the pitfalls and the excitement and how you should always give yourself permission to write your book.

    Safiya also chose Upstream – How to solve problems before they happen by Dan Heath as her book that she’d love to recommend.

    And we’d also like to give a shout out to our good friend and book editor Kris Emery for the introduction.

    To connect with Safiya you can find her in the following places:

    E-mail – safiyarobinson@yahoo.co.uk


    Writing Black Joy


  • 010 – The search for perfection

    Hey, welcome to another Daily Download. In this mini episode I’m chatting about the search for perfection and how it stops us from getting what we want.

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    Catch you tomorrow

    Barbara x

  • Episode 009 – How to Dream Big

    Hey, welcome to todays Daily Download in The Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast, where today I share 3 words that will really help you to dream big.

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  • Episode 008 – Manifesting Your Best Year Yet

    Hey welcome to the very first Daily Download in the Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast.

    These are short episodes where I share a thought, tip, light bulb moment in my day. I hope you like them.

    Today I’m sharing an exercise that I do every single New Years (I’ve been doing this so long I can’t even remember when it started) to get myself into the vibe and frequency to start attracting what I want in the year.

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  • Episode 006 – Shedding your skin and following your inner calling

    In this episode I talk to my lovely friend, Ruth Richards from The Intuition Connection

    We talk about what it’s like to step into your purpose and shed your skin, from something that you’re doing now to something that’s calling you from within.

    The book that Ruth recommends is the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills

    You can connect with Ruth on Linkedin and on her website.

    Ruth also has a brand new book out called Reclaim Your Intuition: A practical guide to live with intention, be in flow and feel empowered. Grab your copy here

  • 005 – What are you NOT doing to achieve your goals?

    Welcome to another episode of the Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast.

    Today I’m chatting about how to stop avoiding the tasks that you know would get you light years ahead in your goals.

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