One thing that I see an awful lot of is when amazing people get fantastic opportunities that might be a little bit out of their comfort zone. Instead of putting their hands up and saying I would love to have a go at that, they find themselves coming up with an excuse why they can’t.

Here are some tips for you if you find yourself in that position.

Tip #1 – Listen out for the excuse

Next time something comes up or next time you feel like doing something, and you find yourself coming up with an excuse or a reason, try and spot what that excuse is and write it down. Make a note of it because chances are it’s going to be coming up time and time again.


Tip #2 – Ask yourself if it’s really true

You’ve got to be really honest with yourself here. Ask yourself if it’s true, or is it just an excuse. You have to tune in and listen to yourself because you’ll secretly know. Now if it’s the truth, fair enough, you don’t have to do everything. You can just write it down and say I’m going to come back to it when the time is right. If you’re just lying to yourself then be honest and lean into that conversation with yourself.


Tip #3 – Decide what the next small steps would be

Now, if you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a massive believer in not disregarding the small steps. You don’t climb a mountain in one leap. It’s a series of small steps that gets you there.

I would welcome your comments. So let me know what works for you, which are the tips you prefer. I’d love to know what tips you’ve got for getting you past excuses. And I’d also love to know what your favourite excuse is. Let me know in the comments and I will see you next week.


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