Let’s face it, running a business is all about getting clients and making money. Yes we want to make a positive difference and have an impact on the people around us and the world, but if you’re not making the money that you’d like it becomes less about the impact, and so much more about ‘where on Earth are my next clients coming from?!’

However, one of the most common things that I see are business owners who are literally leaving money on the table – this is the low hanging fruit and so often it’s money that’s allowed to slip through the net.

So, check out these 5 ‘holes’ and tick them off as you go

Broken links on your website

I remember vividly being in lockdown and needing some new ‘zoom’ clothes (you know tops!) and wanting to buy from independent businesses. So there I was credit card in hand and I found a top I loved. So much so, that I decided to buy one in all the colours. Feeling happy with myself I looked for the link to buy…could I find one?


There wasn’t a link!

AND when I finally found a link to buy it was broken and led me no-where. I was a ready made customer and I couldn’t buy.

Action: Check all of your links on your site and make sure customers can buy, that it’s obvious how to buy and with as few clicks as possible.

Not talking about your products on social media

I get it…social media is social…but it’s also a fantastic place to market your products or services. It’s also full of potential customers ready to buy and or friends who would love to refer you. If you’re reading this thinking…I can’t mention my stuff as ‘what will other people think’ or ‘I don’t want to annoy people’ it’s time to look at it differently. This isn’t about selling all the time, but making people aware of what you do and how you can help. If you genuinely think your products / services can help others then it’s important to talk about it and weave it into your posts.

Not sharing the next steps in your marketing

Whether it’s on your social media profile or in your posts or blogs, if you’re not making it super clear how to take that next step and using a Call to Action then you’re missing a trick. Don’t assume that the reader knows what you do or what you offer or HOW to take that next step in working with you. Most of the time we don’t…we just like to be told.

Not following up

This is probably the BIGGEST mistake that I see, where you have a potential customer who is having a think and they don’t get a follow up. In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve followed up and it’s ended in a sale AND I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been ‘followed up with’ and I’ve ended up buying. In fact, most times I just needed a reminder because I’d got busy.

Following up isn’t being pushy, or naggy, it’s just a friendly reminder, so if you don’t already do this regularly, add it into your process.

Discounting prices at a moments notice

Be honest, have you ever been in a sales conversation and they’re about to say yes when you find yourself saying:

‘And today it’s your lucky day…I’m doing a 50% discount day so you get xx for half price’

If you’re cringing right now, trust me you’re not alone!

But you don’t have to be discounting yourself left right and centre to get a sale.

You’re price is your price so be confident with it.

Filling these gaps in your sales process make a world of difference, but pricing is just one way that you could be blocking your own success. If you’re ready to take those next steps click here to download your workbook 7 ways you’re blocking your own success and what to do about it.