Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing a chat I had with the lovely Life and Business Coach Karen Kissane.

Karen is an award winning Life and Business Coach with a passion for helping smart people to take action towards building a business and life that excites them and supports the lifestyle they aspire to.

She helps her clients with the strategy and confidence to pursue their big business goals and achieve remarkable success, whatever that looks like for them.

A perfect blend of mindset, motivation, and practical tools –delivered in a well proven way – allows her to facilitate and accelerate significant progress amongst her clients’ businesses.

With Karen’s coaching and mentoring, you will create the energy and certainty you need to accelerate your business and amplify your results.

As well as being a performance coach for business and personal growth, Karen is an experienced mentor that business programmes and initiatives turn to for support. Through her work online, she has helped thousands of women develop the skills, technology, networks, and access to capital they need grow their businesses.

Karen and her family moved from the United Kingdom to South West France in 2020, where she runs her successful coaching business, demonstrating that it really is possible to follow your dreams and create the life and business you aspire to!

She has plans to run transformational business coaching retreats and events from her property, just as soon as the pandemic will allow! The world is craving human contact and in the context of coaching, this is where the real transformation happens.

In this episode Karen shares all about her journey from corporate job, to sales trainer to running a successful coaching business, and so much more.

And…the book that Karen recommends is…The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

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