This question made me think this week…

What would you do in your business or career if you were really, really brave?

It was a text back and forth with one of my friends and even though I’d asked the question, it really made me think for a couple of reasons.

1) All of the things I wrote down were things I could actually do now

But most importantly

2) The next question that came up pretty much straight away was…why aren’t I doing them?

Cue a list of excuses…

The thing is excuses are sneaky little blighters as they feel like actual real life reasons…but they’re not.

I know this because of a game I lovingly called the ‘Million pound drop’

Here’s how it goes…

Think of something that you’d do in your business / career if you were brave.

Got it?

Now think of why you can’t do it.

OK…would you do it if I was going to give you £1 million??

If the answer is yes you’ve just caught yourself an excuse.

Because all the ‘reasons’ why you weren’t doing them have just literally vanished.

Give it a go, then see whether you can have a go at the things on your first list.


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