This week I’m excited to share a conversation with the fantastic Brooke Bownes.
Brooke is an accredited trauma coach, therapist & global No.1 bestselling author. She works with midlife women who struggle with mother wounds and want to heal those wounds, find their power, confidence and release their trauma so they can go for their goals. 
She’s passionate about this as she once felt powerless and was scared to show up in the world as herself, she then started working on her mindset, she discovered who she was & love the feeling of inner contentment and confidence. She went from scared to speaking on stage.
She is an introvert that discovered how to rewire her brain and regulate her nervous system, release my trauma so she could achieve the dreams she wanted to achieve and now she helps people do the same.
She can hand on heart say ‘I know it can be done, she has walked in similar shoes to yours, she has felt your fears, she has been frustrated by blocks.
A bit about her background, she had an abusive relationship growing up with a narcissist mother, she then moved on to two abusive relationships, she’s been homeless, she’s brought up 4 children single handed, she has a unique way of understanding people where they are at andhelping them to find their power.
She now lives in a beautiful house with my husband and run a successful business whilst having fun on adventures in their camper van.
In this episode we talk about:
 – What is the Mother Wound
 – How to tell if you have a narcissistic mother
 – The effects that you might experience as an adult
You can find Brooke here: