Today I’m really excited to be sharing a conversation with Hannah Meza-Irvine all about Imposter Syndrome and stepping into your truest self.

Hannah is a former divorce solicitor turned copywriter for badass business owners. After going through her own journey of discovering what she really wants to do in life, she helps business owners find their true voice. She writes a wide variety of heartfelt copy, including for websites, blogs and social media captions.

We talk about:

Hannah’s experience with imposter syndrome as she found herself in a career that just wasn’t for her

The practices she took to find space to uncover what was right for her

The importance of creating that space

The steps she took to move past imposter syndrome

Having the courage to step into her next career

Giving yourself permission to be curious

Grieving her past self as she moved forwards

The importance of giving yourself grace as you move through this

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