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  • 5 Signs you’re blocking your own success

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    Let me ask you a question – how do you know if you’re blocking your own success?

    I get asked this question a lot.

    In fact, I got asked it only the other day when I was running a workshop for an amazing group of business owners, and to be honest it’s a really good question.

    Back when I first started my Coaching Business back in 2015 I used to wonder about this too. For me it was like I’d hit some kind of invisible ceiling and I’ve heard this many times with the hundreds of people that I’ve worked with since then.

    And even though they know that they’re getting in their own way, they just can’t seem to put their finger on what is going on…just that it feels like trying to drive a car with your foot firmly on the brake pedal.

    So, if this is you – here are 5 signs that you’re blocking your own success.

    You’re resisting taking the step that you know will make a difference.

    It doesn’t matter what your goal is – whether it’s to grow your business or progress your career, if you’re not taking that next step that you know will move the needle for you, something is going on.

    You might have had this step on your to do list for a while.

    You might talk about it all the time.

    You might think about it a lot

    You might even keep writing it on your to do list…

    But somehow you never seem to get round to do it, and it appears on your list again for the gazillionth time the next day.

    If you know exactly what I’m talking about, and can even name the ‘task’ you’re avoiding, chances are you’re getting in your own way.

    You have excuses for not doing something you actually really want to do

    So, let’s pretend that you get an amazing opportunity. Maybe it’s to appear on your favourite podcast. Maybe it’s to work with your ideal client or get your dream job, and instead of jumping straight in feet first you find yourself saying something like…

    “I haven’t got the time right now”

    “I’m not ready”

    “I’m not good enough”

    “I need to do X first”

    “I’m too [fill in your own blank here eg too old, too young, not enough experience]”

    “I’ve got too much on right now”

    “I’ll do it next time”

    And before you know it this amazing opportunity has floated away and you’re left secretly kicking yourself. The thing is excuses can feel a lot like reasons, apart from one thing…we always know if we’re just avoiding something, and if that’s the case…Hello Success Block!

    You keep listening to your inner critic

    We all have that voice in our heads that keeps showing up when we least need it to that says all sorts of super helpful things (NOT) like:

    “You’re not good enough”

    “You’re going to fail”

    “You’re going to get found out any second!”

    But that doesn’t mean that we have to give it unnecessary air time and actually listen. Just because it’s your thought, doesn’t mean it’s true!

    You can’t seem to get the results you really want.

    You’ve got big dreams and goals but you can’t seem to bring them to fruition. Instead, you feel like you’re taking one step forwards and one back. Like you’re going round in circles or stuck in your own version of Groundhog Day, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, or how many books you read nothing seems to get you to where you want to be. If you can relate, chances are that you’re holding yourself back in some way. Check out this blue print to see what yours is.

    You can FEEL it!

    This is a big one right here. Most of the time, we can feel it. We can feel a whisper somewhere deep down inside that you’re resisting. You know that you’re more than capable of more and you know you want it, and you get frustrated with yourself because it always feels just out of reach.

    If this is you and you’re ready for more download your free workbook 7 ways you’re blocking your own success and what to do about it by clicking here

    Hope to see you there



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