One thing that I see a lot of is business owners fall into this pattern or scenario of starting things and stopping them and starting them and stopping them and starting and stopping and not being consistent. I see this in all areas of business, but I’m going to pick on communication as being the main one that we’ll talk about today.

Instead of being consistent, you do it for a little while and then you lose the habit and it falls by the wayside. Does this sound like something you do? Because if so, you are not alone.

There is real magic in consistency because it’s like having that snowball effect. It might be tough to start with but it gathers momentum then opportunities come your way and people start to notice you and remember your message. That’s when you start to get the results that you’re looking for.

Three Tips to stay consistent

Tip #1 – Decide what adds value to your business

Pick one thing. It’s harder to build up a habit when you try to do all the things. Whether that’s sending a newsletter out each week, or a podcast, or a blog post or whatever is for you.

Tip#2 – Decide how it adds value

What is the benefit of doing that every single week? What results do you want from it? What are you expecting? How do you want people to see you showing up? So put some meat on the bones here, what does it look like for you? Why do you want to do this one thing?

Tip #3 – Decide on a day that it will happen every week

Create a system for you to put that out into the world every week. Put it into your calendar that this is your day for doing that thing. Hold yourself accountable for this to make it into a habit that you do every single week.

Bonus Tip – Batch your content

It’s so much easier when you’re not having to create it every single week. Create three months’ worth of content all in one sitting. Then all you have to do is pick it up and drop it into place when that time comes.

I hope this has been useful to you. I’d love to know in the comments where you fall down in your consistency, what tips you’ve got to help other people out and what works for you.

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