Have you ever been in the position where you see other people smashing it out of the park, and you’re still in exactly the same place?

You look over and wonder…

“How did they get that opportunity and I didn’t?”

‘How did they get chosen or picked?”

“Who do they know that I don’t?”

I was having this very same conversation with someone the other day, when they found themselves in exactly the same position, and the fact of the matter is that chances are that the one thing the other person isn’t doing, that maybe you are is waiting for an invitation.

The thing is I see this so often with the people I work with (and I have to say that I’ve been there myself) that instead of looking and asking for the opportunities, they’re waiting patiently for someone to come and invite them to take part. To do things like:

…speak at that event!

…be on that amazing podcast!

…write a post for that popular website!

…speak up in that meeting!

…go for that promotion!

And although, yes, sometimes that invitation does happen, most of the time especially when you’re trying to get some traction, you have to be the one to make your own opportunities and go after the things that you want to do.

So, if this is where you’re at, I’ve got you covered…try these 5 tips.

Decide what’s on your dream list

First things first, you need to decide what you’d like to do. Is there something that you’d love to be part of? If so, it’s time to make a list. It’s so much easier to go for what you want, if you know exactly where you’re going. Here’s a hint…if you keep writing it as a goal, you keep talking about it, or you find yourself envying anyone who’s done it – chances are you should be aiming for it too.

Do your research

Once you know exactly what you’d love to be involved in, it’s time to do your research.
What are they looking for?
What are the submission guidelines?
Who is the organiser?
How do you get involved?
Knowing all of this first, will make it so much easier to get the yes that you’re looking for.


This can often be the hardest step of all as it involves stepping out of your comfort zone and ‘putting yourself out there’ – but as the saying goes “if you don’t ask, you don’t get!”

Watch out for your excuses, assumptions and blocks

Be super aware of any blocks popping up round about now to stall or stop you in your tracks. Have you got an excuse why you can’t move forward? Are you suddenly too busy? Are you making an assumption why you can’t do it? Is it on your to do list as something you’ll do tomorrow? If so, check in with yourself to see how you feel. It’s OK and perfectly natural to feel nervous about taking action, especially if it’s something you’ve not done before – but remember ‘confidence comes from action.’

Take the next small step

As you’ve probably heard me say a thousand times, you don’t climb a mountain in one leap – so don’t freak yourself out by trying to get everything done straight away. Instead look for that next small step to keep you taking action until you’ve achieved your goal, and give yourself a deadline for when each small step should be finished.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, let me know in the comments – and if you’re ready to take the next steps join me on the next 5 day Smash Your Own Ceiling Mindset Challenge.