Do these THREE things before diving into another week. Trust me… they’ll make all the difference…

1) Spend 10 minutes (its just 10 mins) REFLECTING on how things went last week in two columns… positives and improvements (so you don’t just zoom in on the negatives) ????

2. PLAN – what do you want to achieve this week? Focus on just 1-3 things that will really move the needle and you’ll be dancing round the street if you do.

3. BOOK – get your diary out and book 30 mins in on Wednesday to see how you’re doing and stay on track.

If you’re thinking *chance would be a fine thing, have you seen my diary?!* then lets talk ????


If you’re a Business Leader and you’re ready to get out of the weeds, side step self doubt and elevate as a leader feel free to book call for more info on how I can help you or your team.