Why feeling like an imposter is actually a great sign

*Congratulations you’re feeling like an imposter* is probably not something you hear everyday ????

But what if I was to tell you it’s not all bad

Firstly feeling like an imposter doesn’t automatically make you one… but it does feel rubbish and can stop you in your tracks and make you play a much smaller game.

That said…

So… what does it mean and why is it actually a great sign??

It actually means that you’re up-levelling, stretching your comfort zone and doing something new. ????????????

As my mum used to say *you’ve grown!*

Fantastic news right??!!!

And that’s why it’s causing your subconscious mind (SM) to have a mini melt down because it doesn’t know it can keep you safe where you are now.

It’s trying to be nice…

Which is why the next step is to ACCLIMATISE at your new level. Make it your new normal.

This is just who you are now!!

So today own your seat at the table
Celebrate where you are
Be excited about that big meeting
Be proud of what you’re doing

And if you’ve really had enough ping me a message and I’ll send you a pdf to help you out.


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