Hey welcome to another episode of The Smash Your Own Ceiling Podcast.

Today I’m really excited to share that the doors of The SYOC Collective are open!!!!

This is my membership community where every week we jump on zoom to press the re-set button, work on our mindset and re-charge for the following week.

It’s perfect for you if you’re a business owner or leader and know that you’re the one holding yourself back and getting in your own way…but that you have things that you want to achieve and know that success is ultimately an inside job.

If you’re ready to up-level your thinking; up-grade your mindset; re-write some old habits, grow like never before and surround yourself with a community of people all on a similar path so you can achieve your goals this is the membership for you.

For more information click here.

Today I’m really pleased to share a fantastic conversation I had with the lovely Laura Valvasori

Laura  is a Marketing Foundations Strategist & Mentor for Entrepreneurs and the Owner of Good to Grow Marketing. Through her experience of leaving her corporate job to pursue self-employment, Laura has learned that you need to change and grow as a person when shifting from employee to entrepreneur. Laura’s debut book Good to Grow empowers both new and seasoned entrepreneurs to cultivate the right mindset and habits to thrive and build a successful business, and life they love. Laura runs her business from her “she-shed” in Oakville, Ontario, where she lives with her husband and two teenagers.

We talk about:

– How to grow your confidence when you’re starting something new
– How to raise your vibration so you feel great and then attract great things to you
– How you think about things really matters and impacts your results

And so much more…this podcast is jam packed with mindset tips whether you’re starting a business or not. There are so many takeaways!


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