You know those days where you just can’t be bothered to get anything done?

Where you know you’ve got things to do, but you’re feeling sluggish, and tired, and all you want to do is binge watch the entire box set of Greys Anatomy?

This is the topic on the table this week because it’s OK to be all pumped up and motivated and ‘I’m on a mission’…but what about when you’re not?!

What about when you just want to curl up in a ball and hibernate?

Full transparency here…This is exactly how I felt yesterday, and so many people have been saying the same thing to me right now.

Maybe it’s the time of year as the nights are longer, or maybe you’re feeling like that, because you just do.

Whatever it is…here are some tips that really help.

1. Ask yourself the power question – What do I need right now?

This is always a great starting point as it gets us thinking about what’s important to you in that moment.

Maybe it’s a walk and some fresh air.

Maybe it’s a really nice cup of tea

Or maybe it’s to call a friend and have a natter.

Whatever’s right for you, start there.

2. Give yourself permission to change the rules

Sometimes rules just need to be tweaked for a while. For example – if you normally get up early to get some work done, but you’re feeling tired right now. Tweak it for a while.

If your evening run isn’t working for you right now, switch it up.

Your business, your life, your rules.

How can you tweak your routine to make it more effective for where you’re at right now?

3. Focus on the things that really need to be done or that will move the needle for you the most?

Instead of trying to battle through your entire to do list, focus on the things that will make a difference, or that really need to be done, and everything else can wait for a while.

You’ll also find that by doing this you’ll start to make faster progress as you’re not getting busy just being busy.

4. Nurture yourself

If you just need time to rest, do it. Have a bubble bath, watch a good movie and eat some amazing food. It’s ok to go slow sometimes.

5. Change your state

It can be tempting just to veg out on the sofa and wait for winter to pass, but instead you might find that giving yourself your own motivational push is what you need.

So, put on some great clothes, get out of the house and go work in the amazing hotel lobby or cafe down the street.

Just by changing your environment can have the best results.

Give it a try and let me know what works best for you.