Today I’m really excited to share a fantastic conversation I had with the lovely Noeli Serna.
Noeli Serna is the Founding Attorney of Serna Legal Services, a corporate law firm that offers Illinois Latine-owned businesses and Latine entrepreneurs corporate legal services in English and Spanish. Noeli’s firm incorporates businesses; drafts, reviews and negotiates contracts; and advises clients on their business’s ongoing legal obligations as they scale and grow.
Before starting her own law firm, Noeli worked as in-house Corporate Counsel at an international company where she counseled the business on a large variety of corporate matters such as commercial contracts and everyday legal questions. Prior to working as in-house counsel, Noeli also practiced transactional banking law in the Chicago offices of two international law firms. Noeli also worked in her family’s restaurant since the age of five, which contributed to her interest in business and appreciation for excellent customer service. Her formative years in the family business eventually led her to the practice of corporate law and have positioned her well to represent and advocate for Latine business owners.
We had such a fantastic conversation covering topics that I know so many people struggle with.
We talked about:
✔️ Shedding our corporate identity to show up and be visible as our unapologetic selves.
✔️How to niche down with confidence even if the people around us might be, well intentionally, telling us it’s not a good idea.
✔️And how to trust your intuition and gut when it comes to following your vision.
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Finally, the book that Noeli recommends is a good one – We should all be millionaires by Race Rodgers. You can get your copy here.