There are loads of positives around being more visible. It’s great for raising your profile and getting in front of more people; for sharing your message; for having more impact; for helping more people; and for growing your business. That said, it can feel scary and leave you running for the hills and wanting to hide behind the sofa.

So if this is where you are, here are 5 tips to get you heading in the right direction:


1 Get super clear on your message

When you’re really clear on your mission, and your message and the benefit it will have for your audience, all of a sudden it no longer becomes about you – but what you want to share. This can really take the pressure off that search for perfection. You don’t have to worry about getting it right all the time, or delivering a polished performance as you’ll be more focused on making sure more people hear your message.

2. Expect Fear

I know this can feel like a weird tip as often fear is associated with danger. But fear just means you’re heading into new territory, that you’re growing, developing and doing something new. So, instead of seeing it as something that feels awful and that you need to run from, see it as a sign that you’re doing something new and heading in the right direction.

3. Look out for ways that you’re self sabotaging

You might have all the right intentions, have written amazing goals of what you want to achieve on your vision board, but steps are you actually taking to get you there?

If you keep putting it off chances are you might very well be sabotaging your own success. So look out for times when you’re putting off being more visible in favour of doing other tasks, or if you’re making excuses for not doing it. If this is you, schedule some time and get the job done.

4. Set yourself a challenge

I’m a big fan of challenges so I love the saying ‘what gets measured gets done!’

So decide how much you want to achieve this week or this month and go for it. Whether that’s so many Facebook Lives; so many pitches to podcasts or so many blog articles you want to submit to editors. Have a target in your head and aim for it.

5. Focus on afterwards

Yes you might feel nervous right now, but how amazing will you feel in the future when you’ve achieved your goal? It’s going to be amazing! Focus on the benefits you might experience and that feeling of accomplishment, as that’s where you’re heading.


I’d love to hear your thoughts about being visible, and which tip speaks to you the most, and if you’d like to grab your FREE MASTERCLASS on how you’re blocking your own success click here.


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