You have big goals and dreams, and a whisper deep down inside that’s telling you that you’re here for more.

You can’t stop thinking about it. You write lists about it. You talk about it. You know that this is what you’re meant to be doing…but for some reason unbeknown to you, you feel completely stuck and can’t seem to take action.

To say that you’re frustrated is an understatement. But all you seem to do is go round and round in circles. You feel overwhelmed, and confused. You lack clarity and you really don’t know what to do to get yourself moving in the right direction.

If this is you, and you feel like you’ve fallen into the swamp of forgotten dreams, you’re not alone! So, how do you get moving in the right direction and get momentum?

Get clear on your big goal and then scale it right down.

Even though you might have an amazingly awesome goal, it might also scare the pants off you. Big goals have a habit of doing that. Yes, there’s the saying that ‘if your goal doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough’ but if it’s scaring you to the point where you’re not doing anything chances are you need to stop focusing on it as much.

Although I’m a huge fan of having a shiny target to aim for, sometimes it can feel so big that it feels unachievable and you move from being excited about your goal to wondering how you’re going to do it, to ‘I can’t do that’ in 3 short seconds.

So if this is the case it’s time to scale it right down and focus on what you need to do right now just to get you moving. You’re looking for the smallest of steps here.

One of the things that I say a lot is ‘You don’t climb a mountain in one leap, all the tiny steps all add up’ and this is so true. So focus on the next small step that you can take, and then once you’ve done that, move onto the next small step. These small steps really do add up.

Decide who it impacts

Ask yourself, who else benefits when you achieve your goal? Is it your family and children? Maybe you can buy more stuff, move house or retire your other half from their full time job?

Or maybe it’s further afield and your goal will help your clients, and their families and so on.

This is what I call the ripple effect, and when you really think about this it can be a huge motivator, as all of a sudden your goal isn’t just about you…it’s got a much wider reach which spurs you into action.

Have a good think…what’s the ripple effect of your goal?

Decide what tasks you need to do consistently to get you where you want to be

Consistency really is King (or Queen!)

Doing things on a consistent basis creates momentum.

All of a sudden you gather pace by doing something over and over again. You become known for your thing, and opportunities start to come your way.

All it takes is making a decision to do something over and over again.

Decide what you want to be celebrating at the end of the month and work towards that

If you’re feeling in stuck mode having so many tasks to do can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re wondering whether it’s the right move for you or not. Therefore, pick ONE MINI MONTHLY GOAL that you’re going to go for. This could be anything, but the rule of thumb is that this is what you’re aiming for this month. This not only really focuses the mind, but takes you out of stuck and into ACTION.

Take action every single day without fail

Here’s the biggie – you have to take action every single day. Choose your goal over your fears and keep moving forwards. This alone will help you big time!!

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