Smash Your Own Ceiling - Mini Mind

there's something REALLY special about getting amazing people in one space with the primary focus being to help each other grow

Over the years I’ve not only been IN lots of different memberships…but I’ve also RUN quite a few and it’s from experience that I know this for sure:-

✔️Being part of the right membership for you is nothing short of spectacular

  • ✔️ Having a true sense of belonging with your peers and then making friendships is off. the. charts. awesome!! (I’m still very close to the amazing people I was in my first ever group with 13 years ago!!!)

✔️ Getting the support that you need on a regular consistent basis literally accelerates your success. No question!

✔️ AND…cheering each other on lifts your frequency every single time and inspires you to keep going.

Honestly, there’s nothing quite like it.

That said…this time I wanted to create a container that did all of this, but also that easily fits in with your already busy life.

Let me explain.

One of the things I HATE about being in a membership is overwhelm. 

Where there are too many things to do, you get lost, and you feel like you have to somehow watch all the videos, and use all the resources to get the most out of it – leaving you feeling left behind before you’ve even started and very much in overwhelm space – not a vibe I want to encourage at all!

But I also understand that you need some tools to go to, whenever you need them.

That’s why I’m introducing The Smash Your Own Ceiling Mini-Mind!!

A place for you if:

💫 You’re a business owner; solo-preneur or are focusing on your career.

💫 Your personal development is very important to you, and you want to be the best you can be (because there’s not only a lot you want to achieve, but you’re also not willing to sacrifice your happiness to do it)

💫You want to learn how to keep up-grading your mindset because sabotaging yourself, second guessing or feeling like an imposter is no longer on your ‘to do’ list – but you know you need to keep this in check to stop you from going back to old habits.

💫 You want to be in a group with kindred spirits to get the accountability to keep you on the right track.

💫 You want to be coached by someone who has been in this industry for 26 years and has supported thousands of people in that time and been a leader in corporate, and run 3 businesses! (Hello!) 

💫You’re ready and open to manifesting the business and career you really want and willing to let your life be as good as it can be.

💫 Oh, and this is really important….You like a laugh too 😀

If this is you…here’s what you’ll get…

👉 ONE call a month – where we will do a bit of journaling, you can ask me anything; you get to share your many wins; and most importantly you hit the re-set and re-charge button ready for another phenomenal month ( and yes all the calls will be recorded and will sit in the members area for you to peruse if you can’t make it live)

👉 An extra call when we need one because I want to introduce you to an amazing guest expert speaker. These will be as and when.

👉 A private group to share wins, ask questions, cheer each other on.

👉 Access to just a few awesome resources that you might need. Think meditations, journaling prompts, and my 5 Key Pillars of Mindset Success.

👉 And THAT’S IT!! No overwhelm. No…”aaargh I don’t know where to start”, or “this is just too much”…let’s keep it simple, shall we? 

BUT still loads of ‘this is just what I needed, when I needed it!!’

And all for just £15 a month (+vat) that’s just 50p a day!!! 

If this sounds like your kind of thing we get together the first Wednesday of every month.

Save your space and get started today by clicking the link below.

I know it sounds a cliche, but it has truly changed my life. Your mindset exercises and calls have helped me so much in my private and business life giving me focus and control in both. Your questions are just so clever and ‘hit the spot’. 

On the face seem so simple but are really soul searching. I am relieved to address old baggage and let it go to move forward. I have learnt so many life tools and I have found confidence, self appreciation and the right to have my opinion valued and heard. 

All this AND on the group Facebook introduced to a bunch of like minded, kind, helpful and inspirational people that I would consider friends. Definitely the Smash Your Own Ceiling is the best thing I’ve been part of.

Fantastic value for money and last but not least it’s been fun. I really appreciate your time all through the course and your weekly hour with us. You are so talented working with people and their mindsets and generous with your time. I just want to thank you with all my heart so much


I’m not exaggerating when I say that working with Barbara is one of the best things that I has ever happened to me. I love that Barbara’s approach is simultaneously gentle and challenging.

I’ve learnt to call out my excuses for what they are too! Barbara has taught me how to make my brain work for me. Not only did she help me discover limiting beliefs, but to create practical, simple strategies to level up my life.

The changes have stuck!

I love the exercises we do in the weekly call to teach and encourage me to dream big. I’m so excited about my future!

I love the group of amazing people I get to grow alongside with. It’s so empowering to be able to belong to a group like this.

I’m forever thankful to Barbara!




“This programme has helped me in more ways than I can ever explain. This programme and Barbara have completely changed my perspective. It’s impacted on my work, my home, my family and my health and all for the better. You get so much support. Barbara is always on hand and cheering me on from the side-lines. I understand me a lot better and I’ve found my confidence again.  

Give it a try…trust in Barbara and the programme and this will change your life!”




It’s for as long as you want to be in it. We’ll be meeting every first wednesday of every month.

On zoom every first wednesday of the month at 7pm UK time.

All the calls are recorded and you’ll have access to the private members facebook group to ask any questions.

Yes you can have a full money back guarantee up to 7 days after purchasing. After that you can cancel at any time, but please make sure you cancel before the next payment is due.

“Barbara is so supportive, challenges me in the right way, helps me smash out of my comfort zone, get amazing clarity and guides me with actions that take me forward. She shares her own experiences and incredible knowledge in such a fun and friendly way that I know I am in good hands”


— hazel ponsford, trusted va 

THAT'S JUST 50p a day!

“I am so grateful of Smash Your Own Ceiling. I have learned so much about levelling up my mindset and creating new habits. But even more than that, I have been encouraged and inspired by the other members of the group (and our dynamic as a whole) as we all press forward toward achieving our big dreams. Barbara is an incredible coach, balancing just the right amount of solid support with gentle challenges to take us even deeper into our journeys for our most fulfilled lives. I whole-heartedly recommend this programme to anyone seeking renewed focus and a desire to shoot for their limitless self.”

— jess costaldi, business owner

“I love every second of the Smash Your Own Ceiling journey. My biggest win is realising my biggest block / limiting belief, shutting up my inner critic and going for my goal. Not just going for my goal but achieving it too. The weekly calls are amazing, helping me to think about aspects I wouldn’t have otherwise. I re-use the questions from the session in my journal too. 

If you can’t decide whether to join or not, do…I got so much out of it. My business grew and so did my confidence. I have a plan and I’m getting there.

I couldn’t be without the ‘little Barbara’ on my shoulder.

Thank you so much. 

— neti stefanik – business owner