Let me ask you a question…

✔️Are you great at focusing on work and/or your team but not that great at focusing on yourself and what you need?

  • ✔️Are you realising that what got you here, isn’t going to get you there and that you need to learn how to up-level and elevate as a leader to get the results you really want?
  • ✔️Do you have times when you feel like an imposter, self doubt, confidence or second guessing?
✔️ Are you feeling like you’d love a safe space to have honest conversations where you don’t need to be the one to know all the answers?
  • ✔️Are you getting fed up with spinning all the plates and juggling all the balls and your fear of failure is a heavy burden to carry?
  • ✔️ Is your work life balance, not very…balanced, and you’d like more time with your family, and partner?
  • ✔️Do you want to be the best you can be at home and at work?
  • ✔️Are you ready to focus on your development, and see how changes to your habits, mindset, thinking or daily actions can make a huge impact on all areas of your life.
  • ✔️Are you craving headspace and time to focus on yourself without anyone needing or wanting your attention?
  • ✔️Are you ready to GROW and FEEL confident, calm, and totally aligned with where you are?


If so, you’re in the right place, the Leaders Circle was designed especially for you. 


“Barbara is an extremely engaging person and has the very rare ability of being able to develop a keen understanding of an individual or situation accurately and efficiently.

Through this insight and her undoubted and very understated intellect, Barbara has been able to assist in helping to support  key members of my team, identifying where change is both wanted and required and being able to tailor a coaching programme for each person, designed to help them and the business achieve on going progress and improvement.

Barbara is very engaging, extremely good fun and someone that others find it easy to relate and engage with. Her various tools, including some expert advice on reading materials along with practical and everyday training aids and techniques are both inspiring and effective.

Comfortable at communicating at any level, Barbara is a person I would strongly recommend if you or your business is in need of change, inspiration or wishes to challenge the status quo in order to keep moving forwards.”

Noel Kershaw, Managing Director

it’s your time…


 If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for something that will support the next level of your growth.

Maybe you’ve been craving some headspace to think properly and reflect away from the day to day.

Maybe you know that you really need to work on yourself, your confidence, and your mindset as a leader. 

Maybe you know that you need to learn new things and ways of working to keep getting better and elevate as the leader.

Or maybe you have big plans for your business or career..but you know you have to rise to make it happen.

Whatever it is for you…you’re in the right place.

You want to feel more in control of your day and your time.

You want to be able to step back so your team can step up, and allow you to focus on the things that will really move the needle for your business.

You want more time to think, reflect, be pro-active…and have the headspace to focus properly.

You want to start to FEEL like the leader that you are, and not an imposter, but calm, considered and a great person to be around.

AND…you want to spend more time with your family and friends…because life’s just too short.

The thing is that over the past 26 years I’ve had this conversation probably thousands of times…and I’ve also seen first hand the change that can happen in all areas of your life when you make the decision to start focusing on yourself.

When you start to invest some time on a regular basis to look at what you need, and the shifts you need to make.

To look at your day and life from a completely different perspective and learn different ways of being and working.

To up-level, and then notice how this impacts everyone around you both at home and work.

And to reap the benefits of a happier team, happier home and a much happier you.

This is where the Leaders Circle comes in.

A place for Leaders, like you, come together once a month to get the pocket of air that you really need without anyone needing your time or attention.

To learn about yourself, what’s holding you back, and the blocks that are getting in your way.

To learn new ways of doing things and to adapt new strategies and techniques to make life easier.

To get the coaching and support that you really need.

To see things from a completely different perspective without being trapped in the weeds

To be in a safe space totally dedicated to your growth.

And to learn from each other and everyone else’s experiences.

This isn’t peer to peer coaching…this is a Mastermind totally focused on Leaders growing together.



Especially for Managing Directors and Directors to focus on themselves and their development. It’s a time to change your perspective and get the breathing space that you really need to grow in a small group of like minded people all on a similar journey. 





✨A face to face day every month

This is where we get together in a nice venue, close the door and hit the re-set button. A day completely bespoke to the needs of the people in the room where you’ll have A LOT of lightbulb and A-HA moments, and leave feeling refreshed and raring to go.

Things that you can expect are:

💫 Coaching ‘Hot Seats’ where we’ll focus on what’s important for you right now and learn through osmosis from what’s happening for other people.

💫 Workshops and development for you to learn and try back in the ‘real world’

💫 Open conversations as you see what’s going on for you from a different perspective

💫 Mindset work where you’ll learn how to up-grade your thinking and how this is impacting the results you’re seeing.

There may even be times when we mix things up a bit, and go for a walk or meet at a venue that’s out in nature.

As well as our days together you’ll also get:

✨ One to One Coaching

There may be times when you need additional one to one coaching as we go. You then have the option to book these sessions at no extra charge (max one per month)


Each month you’ll be gifted a book depending on what’s relevant for you at that time. Read it, keep it or gift it to a member of your team and pass on the learning.

✨A few extra surprises along the way

One of my super powers is being able to adapt to fit the needs of the people I’m working with and think on the go. There are NO cookie cooker approaches in my world!! So, as things come up, you can expect a few additional extras designed or chosen entirely to help you with something that is important to you at that time.

Whatsapp / Slack Group (optional)

I appreciate that there’s enough noise in the world, and the last thing you need is another thing pinging on your phone. That’s why the Whatsapp / Slack group is completely optional.

Re-set; Review and Re-charge – when you grow everyone around you does too!


Hi, I’m Barbara, a Success and Leadership Coach who helps Directors, Business Owners and Senior Leaders to get the success they really want at work and home.

With over 26 years experience working in the People Development space, (13 years in corporate in senior management positions, and 13 years running my own businesses,) I have worked all over the UK, Europe, and USA supporting Managing Directors / CEO’s, Directors and Senior Leaders to grow. I have 2 degrees, a 2x accredited coach, a very strong business acumen and the ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the problem every single time. I can also spot a mindset block a mile off!!

I’m a speaker, the author of The Boss Hat (a self help guide for new leaders), The Smash Your Own Ceiling planner and business workbook, the host of The Smash Your Own Ceiling podcast, and have been featured in Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, and The BBC.

I’m also the presenter of my own radio shows over on Harrogate Hospital Radio (93.5FM) and outside of work I’m married to Dave, have 4 fantastic kids (3 are now all grown up) and our very bonkers dog who dances to the beat of her own drum.

Working with Barbara has enabled me to shape and implement a set of personal objectives that have massively improved my performance as a leader. Barbara has that natural ability to make you recognise your own potential and help to guide you towards it. Therefore due to her help and advice I have grown more confident in my role being able to look at different approaches then focusing on taking action. Barbara has been instrumental in helping me to ‘hold up a mirror’ to myself in order to see myself as others do. Barbara is enlightening, inspiring and reflective. I would definitely recommend Barbara’s coaching services.”

Jim Smith – Managing Director

“There is no replacement for someone who is truly skilled in their field of expertise. Barbara is able to offer a truly insightful viewpoint without a graph or diagram in sight. My journey with Barbara has allowed me to grow from a senior leader to an accomplished Managing Director. To be calm, to focus on priorities, and to focus on myself. She has also given me the confidence to  believe in myself, my skills and the value I bring to the organisation. The value that Barbara has provided me with is immeasurable. There are not many people that impress us so much that we leave a meeting and say ‘WOW’. Barbara is one of those people. 

M. J. Managing Director


The Leaders Circle is a 10 month commitment consisting of one face to face day per month.

The next round starts on the 27th September 2023

We meet at 10.30 – and finish at 4pm

Venues TBC however, it will be somewhere in the Leeds area with good parking and great food.

A maximum of 10 people will be on each cohort.

The Mastermind is a 10 month commitment so that you get maximum benefit. I’ve found that when you invest in that time your development compounds and gains momentum.

As the Leaders Circle is a Mastermind I love to have a chat with anyone interested to make sure that it’s the right fit for you and answer any questions you might have. So, if you’re still curious please book a no obligation call, we can have a virtual cuppa and see if this is the place that will help you the most.