1. Welcome to a programme where a leaders mindset, habits and confidence is at it’s very core. A programme that is focused on understanding how to ‘lead yourself’ in order to lead by example and perform at a higher level. A programme that will help your teams understand how their mindset impacts themselves, their results and their teams, and to grow their confidence so they can step away from imposter syndrome and have the tools to always keep them on track.

  2.  This is what the ‘Confident Leaders’ Programme is all about.

  3. The thing is that just because we’re a leader, doesn’t mean we don’t need support too. In fact, I’ve lost count how many times a senior manager has taken me to one side and confided in me about imposter syndrome, that they’re secretly struggling to speak up in meetings or brief their teams. That they’re not sure that they’re good enough, and that they feel overwhelmed or over their heads.

  4. Mindset as a leader is paramount! 

  5. This is where the Confident Leaders Programme comes in…to develop the leaders in your business to understand and prime their mindset for success, and develop habits that will enable them to get the best out of themselves and others.

  6. This is for leaders who want to understand how a positive, growth mindset can support them to perform at a higher level, and support their teams too.

  7. This can impact so many things…

  8. ✔️Having the confidence to speak up in meetings

  9. ✔️Being more visible around the business

  10. ✔️Having the courage of their conviction

  11. ✔️Getting the most out of their teams by developing, and coaching as a standard practice.

  12. Because…when leaders grow, the rest of the business does too.


"Best Programme Ever...this really was time well spent!"



The Confident Leaders Programme is a leadership programme with a difference. 

Sure we cover things like communication, and leading others and the business…but the main focus is on the leaders themselves.

Understanding their mindset and how to get the most out of themselves; Having the tools to grow their confidence to a higher level; Knowing how to tweak their habits to be more productive; Understanding how to lead themselves first so they can role model the way in others; and understanding how stop holding themselves back and step up as a high performer.

With 3 modules, it can be delivered as 3 full days (one per month) either face to face or 2-3 hour sessions via zoom.

PLUS there is the optional addition of 1-1 / group coaching throughout to embed learning and additional BONUS workshops if required (see below).


In this session we’ll talk all things mindset, confidence and personal brand. We’ll go through how our mindset works, how to grow a mindset for success and using your mindset to get the best out of yourselves. We’ll also talk about confidence, how to overcome imposter syndrome, how to grow your confidence when speaking up, having difficult conversations, or presenting in front of others. This is the session where they learn how to step up and claim their role as a leader.



During this session we’ll explore the impact leaders have on themselves, their teams and the business and how to maximise this to get the best out of everyone. We’ll cover how to communicate effectively, the daily habits that are hindering their progress and success; how to delegate and develop their team whilst still ensuring they’re working to their strengths.  This is the session where they learn the ripple effect of their actions, and how to ensure their impact is positive.



 During this session we’ll start to put everything together, by looking at how leading with confidence starts to transfer to day to day practices. We’ll explore things that often get in the way of confidence for example, limited time, deadlines or high workload, and how to manage this without stress, overwhelm or reverting back to old styles of coping and managing. This is the session where they learn to let go of old habits and replace them with new ones that serve them better. 

"Barbara is a person I would strongly recommend if you or your business is in need of change, inspiration, or wishes to challenge the status quo in order to keep moving forwards together."



My super power is creating a relaxed, informal, down to Earth space that puts everyone at ease and creates a safe place for everyone to learn, with a high emphasis on implementation. 

With over 26 years in the People Development arena, I’ve designed more programmes than I’ve had hot dinners (many have even won awards), and worked with thousands of people at all levels from all over the world (at one point I was responsible for the management development for over 4000 people), across many different sectors, so I really understand the importance of putting your learning into practice. 

Everything we talk about will have practical application, so delegates are able to start using their new skills straight away, and additional support is available as group / 1-1 coaching if required.

The price of the programme is £3333 for up to 10 people face to face, or £2500 via zoom.

(Please note that prices are all subject to vat)

Additional Bonuses

Coaching Skills for Leaders

In this one day face to face session, delegates will learn the skills to coach their teams in order to empower, develop and support their teams on a daily basis. The cost of this additional workshop is £1111 + vat

Communication Skills for Leaders

In this one day session, delegates will learn how to improve their communication skills to get the most out their teams and avoid breakdown in communication. The cost of this additional workshop is £1111 + vat

One to one or Group Coaching

Additional coaching can be provided either one to one or for small groups to embed learning or provide additional support. Please contact to discuss.