I’m really excited to share a fantastic conversation that I had with Irina Krasko.

Irina is a Life Coach and Mindset Rewiring Expert for entrepreneurs and other independent leaders and she helps her clients lead life and business their own way.

She works with business owners from various industries and different stages of business to carve out the path that works best for them and then “rewire” emotional and behavioural patterns which may detour them from that path.

She uses a fusion of modalities such as breakthrough coaching, NLP and elements of hypnotherapy to support the internal and external changes.

In this episode we talk about:

How to spot the difference between fear and your intuition

How to tap into and listen to your intuition

What fear is actually telling you

And how to improve your mindset so you don’t hold yourself back and get in your own way.

For more information on Irina check out Success Identity training – a self-paced mindset shifting tool to up-level results in any area – life or business.  Or follow her on Instagram, And Linkedin here