Welcome to the Leadership Toolbox

Are you a Supervisor, Manager, or Director and would LOVE to have access to a vault of workshops at your fingertips?

If so, you have come to the right place…welcome to The Leadership Toolbox.


You know that you need to keep learning…but you just don’t have the time to attend long programmes…sometimes you just need that quick fix.

As a leader (at any level) there’s so much you need to know and do. But even if you’ve been on a development programme, there are bound to be gaps in your knowledge.

The problem is that often you don’t know what the gaps are until they’re right in front of you, and then you have to start Googling for answers just so you can get something done.

The thing is that it’s times like this that you just need to learn something really quickly so you can get past a hurdle – without researching Training Providers and dedicating a day out of you diary.

“I was doing some appraisals and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I quickly logged into The Leadership Toolbox, completed the Appraisals workshop and in 15 minutes was confident to get them done.”


The Leadership Toolbox is designed to make learning super easy.

“I was going for a job interview and I hadn’t had an interview in over 10 years. Luckily that month the new workshop was about interview skills. It was just what I needed – and it really boosted my confidence.”


The Leadership Toolbox is a great resource for busy people. Concise, bite-size presentations on useful topics for managers are easy to fit into my schedule. They’re backed up with links to tools, talks, templates and other resources for when I want to investigate a subject in more detail. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants clear, effective, and quick guidance on everyday management challenges.
Emma Banks, Symphony Group

The Leadership Toolbox is right for you if:

  • You’re a leader at any level. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just got your first management position, the Managing Director or any where in between. We’ve got you covered.
  • You want to have learning at your finger tips
  • You don’t always want (or can’t) dedicate the time to doing a full day or week’s programme
  • You want access to learning when you need it most

“I love everything that Barbara does. It’s simple, no nonsense and without any fluff. Who has time for long programmes? This works perfectly.”

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Toolbox


Access to lots of bite sized online workshops on loads of different topics from How to do an appraisal and How to have a difficult conversation to Stress Awareness and Coaching in the workplace and loads more.

Each workshop is a maximum of 30 minutes long (some much less than that) and each comes with a worksheet, video and any relevant additional resources so you can get the learning you need when you need it (and in the time it takes to eat a sandwich!)

All around our core values of:


I’m a big fan of making things as simple as possible – isn’t life complicated enough?


Easy to Digest

All workshops are designed to give you the information you need so you can put it into action straight away.

Bite sized Learning

Your day is already busy enough – so workshops are no longer than 30 minutes.

The Toolbox also evolves over time, as every month a brand new workshop gets published.

The workshops are delivered either by myself or by our team of Experts’ who have gladly shared their learning with us. So members get the benefit from loads of different people (and not just me!)

Group Coaching Call

Each month I hold a Group Coaching Call for any member that wants to jump in. They’re held on line via Zoom and we can discuss anything that you need additional support on.

Our Community

You’ll also join our ever growing community of Leaders on Facebook – where you can network, ask each other questions and help each other out. I’m in there too.

Want a sneak peek?

Check out the following video for a quick sneak peak behind the scenes…

Individual Membership

For a one off payment of £350

For corporate membership please e-mail info@barbaranixon.co.uk

“I LOVE The Leadership Toolbox. I’m in a senior position and this allows me to upskill when I need (or want) to. It’s simple, no fluff, and does exactly what it says on the tin. What more do you need?”

“Barbara is all about being down to Earth and simplicity, and that’s exactly what The Leadership Toolbox is. It’s a no nonsense approach to learning. Perfect.”

“One of the things I love about The Leadership Toolbox is just how available Barbara and the team are. I’ve had a couple of questions and she just jumps straight in with an answer. It feels like I have my own virtual coach!”

Individual Membership

For a one off payment of £350

Time MasteryAbout Barbara

Barbara helps Business Owners, Directors and Managers get back in control of their day; work smarter and improve their confidence and mindset – and really grow as a leader.

She does this through her online leadership development programme (The Boss Hat Programme) her Time Management Programme (Time Mastery) and one to one Executive Coaching. She prides herself on teaching leaders at all levels the small tweaks they can make to reap MASSIVE results.

With a style that has been described as ‘Down to Earth’ ‘Fun’ and ‘Approachable’ – like ‘chatting to your friend but getting amazing results at the same time’ Barbara focuses on helping leaders get the rewards they want whilst building a life and career they really love.

Individual Membership

For a one off payment of £350



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