As a speaker Barbara’s style is fun, down to earth, engaging and totally focused on transformation. Using stories from her own personal experience and her experience in Leadership Development, Barbara’s workshops are highly interactive and packed full of useful tips that are all ready for you to put into practice. To book Barbara for one of your events e-mail info@barbaranixon.co.uk

The most popular workshops are:

Get back in control of your day

Let me ask you a question…how would you describe your typical day? Like you’re: Juggling too many balls? Spinning plates? Treading water? On a hamster wheel? Or swimming through treacle? If you can relate to any of these it’s time to understand exactly where your time is going so you can get back in the driving seat of your day.

Throughout this workshop you’ll gain a greater awareness of where you’re ‘leaking’ time and how to plug the holes.

The Boss Hat formula

We all have a million different hats that we have to wear throughout our days, and most of the time are able to swap and change depending upon the situation. But what about the hat that you wear at work? The Boss Hat? How is this different?

In this workshop we’ll be exploring whether your Boss Hat is the right one for you, and how to create the perfect ‘hat’ that enables you to lead from a place of authenticity.

The Leadership Light

Whether you realise it or not, as a leader you cast a light that influences and impacts the people around you, and that can also affect your own well being. The question is, are you casting a light that can have the most beneficial effect on yourself and your team?

In this workshop, we’ll be looking at the small tweaks that you can make to your daily habits and behaviour that will reap big rewards when it comes to the wellbeing of you and your team.


Free monthly webinars!

Each month I jump on a live webinar and deliver a free mini workshop. They’re really interactive, loads of fun, and packed with tips. To join me all you need to do is subscribe here and I’ll put you on the invitation list.