Smash your own Ceiling Mastermind

Are you a Manager, or Business Owner?

Are you tired of holding yourself back, and getting in your own way of success? 

Do you feel like you're always making one step forwards and two back, and that you're sabotaging your progress?

If so, you've come to the right place

Let me ask you a question - do you secretly know that you're holding yourself back? That you'd like to be more, and do more but when push comes to shove you don't take the leap?

Maybe you believe your own excuses. Things like 'This isn't the right time.' 'I haven't got a degree (or the right education' 'I haven't got time' 'I'll do it when the kids are older.'

Maybe you have all the right intentions, but you find yourself procrastinating and getting busy with other things rather than working on that one big thing that will propel you forwards.

Maybe you start things and head in the right direction, and then instead of getting the job done and finished, you convince yourself that you need to start again, or do something completely different.

Or maybe you get hi-jacked by your inner critic?

Whichever it is for you, you're in the right place!

I remember this being me too!

I vividly remember being sat at my desk, secretly knowing that I wanted to do more, and be more but I was getting in my own way. In fact for me it was all about excuses. An opportunity would come along and instead of jumping at it, I'd come up with excuses why I shouldn't..

But then, one day I realised that I was my own biggest block, and it was then that I made the decision to work on my mindset - and that's exactly what I did!

Since then I've helped loads of people find or grow their confidence, get out of their own way, stop holding themselves back and go for the success that has always been just out of reach, and I'd love to help you too!

Is this where you are right now?

  • You're playing small (and you secretly know it)
  • You feel stuck and dis-engaged where you are right now, and struggling to find the motivation (or the clarity) to move forwards.
  • You keep getting in your own way, and holding yourself back
  • You feel like you've lost confidence and really want it back so you can move onwards and upwards.
  • You have the perfect excuse for every good opportunity that comes along...Things like..."I don't have the time" "I'm too old" "I'm too young" "I don't have enough experience" "I've not got the right qualifiications" "I'll do it when the kids are older" "My team needs it more?" "I haven't been in this position long enough."
  • Your self talk is not your best cheerleader - "Why are you bothering?" "You're not good enough" "You'll fail anyway" "What will other people think?" are things that pop into your head whenever you want to try something new.
  • You sabotage your own success. Maybe you're always looking for perfection, have high expectations that you feel you can't live up to, you tend to have great ideas but never seem to get to the finish line before starting again, or you're a master procrastinator.
  • You feel like an imposter, and that you're going to be found out at any second and everything you've achieved so far was just luck.
  • You put everyone else first before your needs.
  • You're ready for more and could really do with some accountability and loads of tips to get you there.  

Sound familiar?

If so, The Smash Your Own Ceiling Mastermind is perfect for you...  

Get your place here

How would it feel to...

Finally have the tools in your back pocket to help you 'bounce back' faster?

Make the progress you need in your career or business?

Improve and grow your confidence?

Grow your comfort zone?

Understand how you work best?

Stop taking one step forwards and two back?

Believe in yourself a lot more?


It's time for you to prime your mindset for the success that you want!

“This programme has helped in more ways than I can ever explain...this programme and Barbara have completely changed my perspective. It’s impacted on my work, my home, my family and my health and all for the better! You get so much support, Barbara is always on hand and cheering me from the side lines. I understand me a lot better and I’ve “found” my confidence again!  

Give it a in Barbara and the programme and this will change your life!” 


What is it?

The Smash Your Own Ceiling Mastermind is a 6 week group programme, where not only will you get all the information you need to achieve your goals, get past your own blocks, and achieve your success, but full accountability too!

You'll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the following:

  • 6 Modules with a total of 31 lessons
  • A private Facebook Group where you get access to me, and your peers, you can ask questions, celebrate successes, and cheer each other on. 
  • Weekly group calls throughout the programme (via zoom) 
  • An optional 15 minute 1-1 power session with me (via zoom) every month (this is on a first come first serviced basis as there are limited slots available)



What's it like working with me?

"Barbara is an excellent coach - I have taken some great guidance and support from Barbara - she delivers her coaching in such an authentic way. I must also say her webinars and tool kits are modern and a great way of learning and putting one self first - thanks for being great!" Kevin

"I have had the benefit of working with Barbara over the last few years... I have progressed into a more senior role and Barbara is an inspiration. She is engaging, supportive and definitely knows what she is talking about. I can highly recommend Barbara to anyone who needs support - she has a brilliant way of supporting you but challenging you at the same time to help you make the changes you need." (Wendie)

"I have been working with Barbara for a while now and I love her style. Practical, pragmatic, challenging and supportive. She never fails to deliver words of wisdom or challenges that help drive personal and professional stretch. Her approach to coaching and her leadership toolbox are fantastic and I couldn't recommend them highly enough." (Michelle)

"Barbara has been a great inspiration to me, providing practical and very valuable tools and skills to enable me to grow in my professional development. She has unlocked my confidence and self-belief, which has enabled me to achieve my true potential. I will be eternally grateful to her for believing in me and supporting me to reflect on my strengths. Thank you and look forward to seeing you in the future." (Trudy)

"Barbara comes across as being incredibly down-to-earth and easy to relate to; which makes for more than just a pleasant experience with her - it's absolutely vital to her work which sees her engaging with your team from shop floor to boardroom. Barbara is skilled in creating a space for development to evolve in a way that feels almost like osmosis, and I always come away from our discussions enlightened and energised to take the next step." (Lorraine)

“I cannot recommend this fantastic lady enough! I’d lost sight of how to get where I wanted to go and Barbara knew exactly how to hone in on what was needed. I feel more empowered than ever to be able to achieve my goals. Thank you Barbara for your time, support and being so on the ball!” (Helen)

“Working with Barbara over six months has been life changing. She has introduced me to a new world of positive self talk which has helped me see life through a new pair of eyes. I felt like she got me from the first meeting and understood my frame of reference. I now have tools to deal with the pressures of management but also every part of my life. Thanks for inspiring me!" (David)  

About Barbara  

Barbara Nixon is a Personal Leadership coach who helps Managers, Directors and Business Owners improve their mindset and confidence, works smarter and really grow as a leader.  

With over 20 years in the Personal Development arena, including 12 years in corporate positions, Barbara has worked with hundreds of people to help them improve their skills and get to where they want to go.  

She prides herself on teaching how small tweaks can reap massive results to build a life and career you really love.  

She is also the host of the interview series Lessons from Leaders, and is the proud author of The Boss Hat, a self development book designed to help you be the leader you were always meant to be.  

Outside of work, Barbara is married to Dave, has 4 kids, 3 of whom have upped and left, and a fab dog! She is a lover of comedy, going to the pictures, walking the dog and just generally having a laugh.