Welcome to The New Skills Pathway

As a leader it’s paramount that you keep learning new skills so I’m delighted that you’ve joined this pathway. To get you started I’ve split this pathway into 3 steps:

Step 1: Join The Growing Leaders Club

This is a no-brainer, because it’s absolutely free!! Once you’ve filled in your details you’ll get:

  • Free weekly tips straight to your inbox
  • And a free monthly training webinar

What’s not to love??

Step 2

Get your copy of The Boss Hat Book – for £10!

This book takes you through 4 stages of growing as a leader:

Understanding your values and what being a leader means to you

Understanding how to create systems and process, and really look after your self as a leader (this is something that a lot of people miss out)

Understanding the 10 daily habits that will really help you get the most out of your team

And finally, how to develop the people in your team

You can get your copy here…



Step 3

Check out the Leadership Toolbox

This is a membership site that contains a vault packed full of simple, practical and bite sized workshops perfect for leaders at any level….PLUS you get to join a growing community of people just like you.

To join and to get a sneak peak of what it’s like inside take a look here.


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