Are you a leader, and struggling to wear The Boss Hat?

Want to improve your confidence as a leader? Do you wonder how to get the best out of your team? Are you ready to achieve your leadership potential?

You’ve come to the right place.

Just like a great teacher, a great Boss is never forgotten – learn how to be someones best boss today

This is for you if:

  • You’re managing a team (you could be brand new in position, or been doing if for a while, at any level)
  • You’re ready to learn how to lead so you can get better results without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or shattered.
  • You want to improve your confidence, and resillience as a leader
  • You’re ready to feel calm and in control and not spend your days ‘fighting fires’ or ‘spinning plates’
  • You want to know secret tips and strategies to make your life as a leader easier and slicker
  • You’re ready to really get the best out of yourself and your team
  • You want to ‘feel’ like a leader
  • You’re ready to learn the simple and incredibly effective habits that will help when managing your team.
  • You’re ready to be noticed as a leader so you can rise up and take that next step in your career.
  • You want to learn how to step up and lead from a place that feels authentic and true to your own values
  • You’re ready to remove some of the blocks that are holding you back reaching your potential

If so, this is the programme for you.

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I found the programme really useful in boosting confidence and competence in my own ability to lead a team. Some of the most useful tools I gained from the programme were via self-reflection and observation techniques, really highlighted my strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to address and develop.

The programme incorporated really relevant topics and Barbara ensured she related issues back to our own examples through a good level of interaction. In terms of delivery, the programme was always something I looked forward to, not a burden to fit into a busy schedule, and it ran with no technical difficulties (which I guess is a minor point but definitely made the whole process a lot smoother and ultimately manageable). The programme was broken down into chunks meaning we could go away each week and make steady progress with one element at a time. The worksheets provided were great and gave structure for note taking.

Overall it was a great boost for my development and confidence in leading! Thanks, Barbara!

Deanna Ozal

Being a leader (at any level) can be all consuming and leave you feeling drained and shattered at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can become a confident leader who is ready for anything.

Are you ready to take your development and career to the next level?

You’d describe your days as ‘juggling balls’, ‘spinning plates’ or ‘treading water’
You don’t feel like a leader – in fact sometimes you wonder how you got there in the first place
You really want to progress your career and want to be seen as a calm, confident and capable leader
You feel like you’re stuck in reactive mode ‘fighting fires’ and don’t have the headspace to plan effectively
You look at other leaders and wonder how they do it, and want to know what they know
You don’t feel confident as a leader and sometimes find yourself doubting your ability

If so, don’t worry as you’re in the right place.

You don’t have to struggle and ‘learn on the job’ there is a much easier and quicker way.

The Boss Hat Programme – one not to be missed!

This course is a practical, jargon-free, user-friendly course with really helpful tools and guidance which is guaranteed to change the way you operate as a manager and also with your colleagues. Fully interactive with an excellent tutor, you can easily monitor progress and the materials provided are valuable additions to both your life and managerial toolkit. The beauty of the course is that you can dip in and out and keep referring back to the parts you find most useful, which has been really beneficial for me as a new line manager, especially when considering different approaches to situations.

The Boss Hat Programme has given me a real insight into my preferred ways of working and how to recognise my triggers which has helped me develop more efficient ways of communication and how to work effectively with others. I have also learnt to trust my judgment more and knowing that I have the skills within has been extremely reassuring – Barbara has been hugely supportive too and I would definitely recommend this course, 110%!!

Francesca Aproskie

HR Manager, Save the Children

You can learn to be a great leader.

And the great thing is – these are skills that will not only stay with you forever, but will transfer to all areas of your life.

The Boss Hat Programme has been designed to flip leadership programmes on their head and give you everything you need to be the Leader you were always meant to be

You’ll learn:

The mindset behind being a great leader – and how to re-wire your own programmingHow to step up and lead
How to step up and lead with confidence
The systems you need in place to be effective every single day
The daily habits that will enable you to get the best out of your team
How to develop, grow and empower your team to succeed
This is the one stop shop leadership programme – and where you can learn at your own pace and in your own time.

Here’s how it works

This is a 6 week on-line programme that takes you through 6 main sections, each containing at least 5 lessons. THe lessons include a workshop and handouts with exercises for you to complete.

Once you sign up you’ll get access to the Course Area. There you’ll find everything you need to get started. Then each week (over 6 weeks) you’ll get access to the next section’s content. The reason we do it this way is that I don’t want you to get overfaced, and I really want you to finish and get what you want out of the programme. This allows you to learn a step at a time.

Once the 6 weeks is up, you get access to all the content forever – so there’s no need to rush and you’ll never get ‘left behind’ you can re-visit it as often as you like.

PLUS You’ll also get access to a couple of super cool bonuses which will help you out along the way.

Here’s what the content looks like:

Week 1 - Creating your hat

This is where we start off diving deep into what leadership means to you, and what kind of leader you want to be. Unless we do this work, you won’t know where you’re heading or when you’ve got there. In this section we’re going to be exploring the mind-set of a leader – as well as checking in with your confidence and what’s holding you back from the success you want. In this week you’ll really get to grips with what matters most to you as a leader, and forms a great foundation for what’s to come.

Week 2 - Looking after your hat

Quite often when we think of leadership we think of leading other things eg. projects, people, businesses – but there’s a step before that. In this section we explore how to actually lead yourself effectively. We explore your mental blocks and your systems as well as a whole lot more and you’ll really get to grips with the tips and tools that will help you be super effective every single day. As well as learning how to look after yourself properly to avoid burnout, feeling stressed, or just fed up…and guess what this also rubs off onto your team so it’s a double whammy!


Week 3 - Looking after your hat part 2

In this week we are talking about our good friend TIME- and all the challenges that time throws up. This is a week where we really uncover your blocks and sabotages and get to the bottom of them once and for all so you can get back in control of your day. PLUS I share some tips and tricks for managing time too.


Week 4 - Wearing your hat

It’s in week 4 that we start talking about how to lead a team and the daily habits that you need to adopt that will make you a super effective leader as well as how to adopt them in a pain-free way.


Week 5 - Wearing your hat part 2

During this week we’ll continue our work with the habits. During both of these weeks we’ll be talking about communication, body language, giving feedback, how to be visible, being consistent and a whole lot more.


Week 6 - Passing on your hat

A big part of your role as a leader is how to actually develop and grow the people around you. This is where the magic happens. In this section you’ll learn: how to empower, and why you should do it, how to develop others and how to delegate – and why this is a must for both you and your team.

Are you ready to be someone’s best boss?

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Please note - by purchasing this programme you acknowledge that you are accepting our programme terms + conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like it? Is there a refund?

If you don’t like it 5 days after signing up, I’ll be happy to give you a refund. After that no refunds are available due to it being an online course that allows you to download some of the material.

How long does it take to work through?
The programme is 6 weeks. However, as you’ll get access to all the recordings and worksheets if you want to take longer that’s entirely up to you. Remember the goal isn’t to get it done as quickly as possible, but to implement as you go so you’re really getting full value from the programme and you’re growing too.
How long do I have access for?
You get life-time access.
Can I share it with my colleagues / team?
I’m afraid not. As this is a paid programme it shouldn’t be shared with colleagues, or friends. If you do need more than one copy for your workplace simply get in touch at and we’ll arrange that for you.

Are you ready to be someone’s best boss?

If you'd like a corporate license please contact

Please note - by purchasing this programme you acknowledge that you are accepting our programme terms + conditions.


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