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Are you fed up with living each day feeling like you’re spinning plates and juggling balls, with never enough time to get everything done? But you just don’t know what you need to do to get off this crazy hamster wheel?

You’re busy. That much is true.

From the moment you start work until the moment you finish you just don’t stop…even lunch time is a distant memory. But somehow that’s just not enough. In fact it’s not unheard of for you to go home and still grab a few moments to answer some e-mails and finish some things off. Anything to feel like you’ve still got your head above water. But even though you’re working so hard, it’s really common for you to get to the end of the day with just as much on your ‘to do’ list as when you started. Do you ever ask yourself – How on Earth can it ever get any better? Trust me, it really doesn’t have to be this way! So, let me ask you a question

When did you last leave work feeling productive, and happy that you’d got done everything that you’d planned, ready to go home, switch off and relax?

  • You had time to focus think and be strategic?
  • You actually crossed everything off your list that you planned to do?
  • You had minimal interruptions as your team were able to deal with whatever came their way
  • You did what you wanted to do in the evenings without giving work a second thought.

If you read that and though ‘Yeah, right!’ you are definitely not alone!

This is something I see All. The. Time! Talented Leaders at all levels working their socks off, without feeling like they’re making any progress at all. But here’s the good news – It doesn’t have to be this way at all! In fact, I’m willing to bet that with a few careful tweaks you could be off the hamster wheel for good! That’s why I created The Time Mastery Programme.


It shows you how you’re leaking time every single day without even realising it, and teaches you the simple tweaks you can make that will massively improve the way you manage your day and give you time management skills that you can use for life.

The Time Mastery course is for you if:

  • You get to the end of the day and your list is just as long as when you started
  • You always feel like you’re running against the clock
  • You’re living in reactive mode – answering questions, making decisions and solving problems for other people
  • You desperately want some headspace to think and plan
  • You know you need to be more strategic but you can’t find any free time to do just that
  • You’d love to go home and switch off and spend time with your friends and family without thinking about work
  • Your work life balance feels out of kilter and life just feels all about work

Time Management is not just about using some handy tools and following great tips (although I give you plenty of them too!)

It’s about looking at your mindset; and the daily habits and routines that are leaking your valuable time every single day without you even realising it.

In the Time Mastery Course we go right to the heart of the problem so you not only learn how to really manage your day, but you’ll have the skills to never fall into the same traps again.

This is what you’ll learn:

Learn how to step back from your day so you can analyse exactly what’s going, and the current traps you’ve fallen into.

Identify the daily habits that aren’t helping you and replace them with brand new ones that do the job.

Learn, step by step, how to plan your day for success rather than disappointment or frustration.

Let me tell you something…over the years I’ve worked with lots of leaders (at all levels) and the most common problem that they all had was ‘time’..

And the reason is that here in the 21st Century we’re quite hard on ourselves. We like to squeeze every ounce out of our day and we do this by piling on the work. We keep adding more and more plates that we have to spin and then pretty soon we get to the point where we’re scared something’s going to drop.

Going on like this is like having all of your apps open on your phone. Although it’s nice and handy for a while, pretty soon it can start to take it’s toll and you begin to feel it.

There is an easier way though.

I’ve not only discovered a lot of hacks that really do work when it comes to managing your time, but I’ve also learnt how switching your mindset, and tweaking your routine and habits can have a massive difference to how you feel differently about time, so that you’re not always running on maximum power – and you’re much much more effective.

This course is where I share it with you. So, that you can feel better about your day, and start to manage your time without causing you burnout.


and…best of all what I share can be transferred to all areas of your life so you finally get the work life balance you’ve been wanting

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Here is just some of what they’ve said:

“I went on holiday and actually switched off. It was fantastic!”

“I spend loads more time with the kids without checking my phone.”

“Work has become so much easier. I’ve got time to think, and I never had that before.”

“I’ve completely changed the way I work…I’m a convert!”

“I actually slept through the night without waking up thinking about work.”

What You’ll Get

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive access to the course area,  and the ‘Getting Started’ module. The rest of the modules will be ‘drip fed’ to you each week over the course of 6 weeks with week 4 being an implementation week where you can reflect and put some things into practice.

The reason for this is so that you have time and space to complete everything without feeling overwhelmed or left behind.

After the full 6 weeks you’ll maintain lifetime access to all the material.

Here’s what you’ll get:

5 modules worth of content to work through at your own pace.

Handouts that you can use to gather all your notes. These will include everything you need as you work through the course.

Please note – by purchasing this course you acknowledge that you are accepting our course terms + conditions.

Breakdown of the Time Mastery Course

Module 1 - The mindset behind your day
The first week of Time Mastery is all about looking at your mindset and how it’s holding you back and what success looks like for you.

  • You’ll learn what you love about ‘being busy’ and at what point it starts to become ‘too busy’
  • You’ll dig deep to see where you’re actually going wrong with your day
  • You’ll discover where you’re hiding throughout your day (and yes we all do this!)
  • Decide what perfection looks like for you
  • Finally take a look at how you’re managing your time at home is affecting how you manage it at work and vice versa.
Module 2 - Time Wasters
This week we’ll look at the most common things that waste your time every single day and what actions you can take to stop them from happening once and for all.

  • We start the week strong by taking a good hard look at how are habits are causing havoc on our day
  • The systems you need in place to get your ‘house in order’
  • Our good friend procrastination…how to nip this in the bud once and for all
  • What your routine does for your day
  • Finally – we explore multi-tasking and whether it helps or hinders
Module 3 - Getting Control
This week is where we get you back in control of your day by looking at tips and tricks you can use every single day

  • How you’re using your to do list – and how to make it so much more effective
  • What on Earth you can do about all those interruptions you’re getting.
  • How to get your meetings working for you so they’re no longer a huge time suck.
  • How to say no without any guilt at all
  • And how to prioritise your list so you always get done what you need to
Module 4 - Staying in control
This week I’ll share with you how to actually stay in control so you never slip back into your old ways again.

  • How to manage your e-mails so they don’t become a burden
  • How your own body clock will help you get tonnes more done
  • Ready to start being strategic and pro-active. I’ll show you how.
  • If you’ve every said…’it’s quicker if I do it myself.’ This is where you learn the art of delegation
  • You’ll learn how deadlines can really maximise your time
Module 5 - Next Steps
In our final week I’ll take you through the next steps that will become the cherry on your time management cake.

  • You’ll learn how self care can really impact your day
  • How to be a great role model for your team and the people around you so they don’t fall into bad habits too.
  • Why consistency really matters in your routine
  • Finally – How you can always be self aware so you keep using your new time management skills.

What’s the investment?

Get lifetime access to the Time Mastery Course for £397

Please note - by purchasing this course you acknowledge that you are accepting our course terms + conditions and privacy policy

Time Mastery

Barbara is a Leadership Coach who is crazy about helping business owners, Directors and Managers get the most out of their day so they can finally stop feeling like they’re stuck on a never ending hamster wheel.

As someone who understands the ‘juggle’ oh so well, as she’s brought up 4 kids whilst running a business, and writing her book The Boss Hat. She realised that conventional time management techniques just weren’t going to cut it. Instead she’s developed strategies and techniques that really work to not only manage her time, but master it.

She prides herself on helping them understand their relationship with ‘time’ and showing them how they can improve their mindset and remove some of the blocks that are leaking time and energy every single day.

Barbara is really ‘down to earth’ and has been described by her clients as ‘a good laugh’ and ‘incredibly approachable…it’s like you’re sitting down for a chat with your friend but getting amazing results at the same time’

Are you ready to sky rocket your productivity?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like the course? Is there a refund?
Refunds are only available up to 5 days after purchasing the course. After that refunds will no longer be available.
How long does it take to work through?
That’s entirely up to you. You could get through everything in 6 weeks, but of course it could take you longer (or much quicker if you put your mind to it). Remember the goal isn’t to get it done as quickly as possible, but to implement as you go so you’re really getting full value from the course and you’re growing too.
How long do I have access for?
Can I share it with my colleagues / team?
I’m afraid not. This is a paid course so it shouldn’t be shared with colleagues or friends. If you do need more than one copy for your workplace simply get in touch at info@barbaranixon.co.uk and I’ll arrange that for you.

Please note - by purchasing this course you acknowledge that you are accepting our course terms + conditions and privacy policy


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