Leading a business and a team can sometimes feel like a lonely place, especially as you’ve so much to do. Decisions to make, problems to solve, people to see…the list is endless. There may even be days when you find yourself wondering whether you’re going about things in the right way, good enough, or if things could be a bit easier.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Just because you’re the Leader, doesn’t mean that you don’t need someone on your side to give you the support, guidance and coaching that you really need.

Let me ask you a question…can you relate to any of this?

  • You’d like to be more pro-active and strategic, but don’t currently have the head-space?
  • You’d describe yourself as: juggling too many balls; spinning plates; treading water or running on a hamster wheel?
  • You’d like to be more effective as a leader, and get results from yourself and your team
  • You sometimes feel like an imposter, and don’t feel good enough to be doing your role.
  • You feel that you spend your days making decisions, and solving problems that your team should be able to do?
  • You’d really like some more time to spend with your family or doing things you enjoy.
  • You’d like to role model positive behaviours and not someone who works long hours consistently.
  • You find yourself holding yourself back in someway, and often have lapses in confidence.

If this is where you are, I can help

“Barbara Nixon is an extremely engaging person and has the very rare ability of being able to develop a keen understanding of an individual or situation accurately and efficiently. Through this insight and her undoubted and very understated intellect Barbara has been able to assist in helping to support key members of my team, identifying where change is both wanted and required and being able to tailor a program for each person designed to help them and the business achieve on-going progress and improvement. Barbara is very engaging, extremely good fun and someone that others find it easy to relate to and engage with, her various tools including some expert advice on bespoke reading materials along with practical and everyday training aids and techniques are both inspiring and effective. Comfortable in communicating at any level, Barbara Nixon is a person I would strongly recommend if you or your business is need of change, inspiration or wishes to challenge the status quo in order to keep moving forward. “

Noel Kershaw

Managing Director, Deli Fresh Ltd


What I offer is a healthy fusion of coaching, mentoring, and training all rolled into one.

In conventional executive coaching services the answers would all come from you, which is fantastic. However, what I’ve noticed over the years is that sometimes ‘you just don’t know what you don’t know’, and rather than wait until you do, this is where I jump in to give you some support, guidance and a whole lot of development along the way. This way you leave every session with clear actions and having made a real leap in the right direction.

I’ve worked with literally hundreds of leaders, from Managers, Business Owners, and Directors, to help them get the most from their teams and themselves. As a result we tackle issues that you’ve probably just gotten used to putting up with. Things like…working long hours, not communicating consistently, not getting the results you need from your teams; having a list to do as long as your arm, and not being as effective as you can be.  I can show you an easier and quicker way resulting in quite a lot of A-HA moments as you discover the answer is a lot simpler than you thought.

“Barbara is incredibly down-to-earth and easy to relate to; which makes for more than just a pleasant experience with her …

Barbara is skilled in creating a space for development to evolve in a way that feels almost like osmosis, and I always come away from our discussions enlightened and energised to take the next step.

Whether you are manager, senior leader or CEO you need Barbara on your team!”

Lorraine Hamilton

After working with Barbara over the past 6 months I have more belief in my skills and attributes and now believe I can achieve what I have set out to do, I don’t let the opinion and shallow comments of others impact me – I actually stand taller!
I’d describe the process as Emotional! but in the right way, I went on such an unexpected journey that brought both tears and laughter, the honesty that I reflected upon was unbelievable and that was through Barbara’s style of questioning. Barbara’s relaxed, informal and flexible. At times it felt like a conversation with a friend but what came out of those conversations in terms of tangible results was amazing…

Lisa Avins

Management Development Manager

Let me give you the details…

How long is a coaching package?

The minimum coaching package is 6 months long. This is 6 one hour sessions over a 6 month period.

How long is each coaching session?

Sessions are 60 minutes long and tend to take place once a month. This is so you’ve enough time to implement the actions we discussed.

Where are they held?

If you’re based in the West Yorkshire area in the UK then we can arrange a face to face meeting, if not, they’ll take place over Skype.

How do I get the most out of each coaching session?

Before we start working together we’ll discuss what success looks like for you. What is it that you want to do differently, and where do you want to improve. We’ll then use that as our ‘North Star’ throughout the executive coaching programme. It’s also helpful if you have a think about what you want to discuss before each session, and in between times the people who really see results are the ones who take action.

I'm not an Executive - can you still help me?

Absolutely. I work with people at all stages of their leadership journey.

Can you coach my team?

Yes. I can work with your team as well. In fact it’s a great thing to offer as a company benefit.

What do we discuss?

I’m all about helping you get the very best out of your team and yourself, and be a confident and effective leader so there are lots of things that we can discuss.

Just to give you an idea of some of the areas in my tool box:  Looking at your productivity, and how you manage your day; Replacing any bad habits with some that are much more beneficial. Exploring exactly how you’re leading your team; building in core strategies that will really make a difference to you and your team, improving the way you communicate so that you’re always giving your team what they need; and supporting you to build the culture you want resulting in habits and skills that really work for you, your team and the growth of your business….the list really is endless.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching is a great way to get the focused attention you need without the distraction of other people on a programme, or going through a set agenda, and you can really tailor each session to suit exactly what you need at that time. As with anything the more you put in, the more you’ll get out…so it’s a good idea to always practice what we talk about in between meetings so that you’re moving towards your desired end goal and you start to see the results you want. So many of my clients have said that they enjoy the ‘me time’ that coaching provides. A place to discuss your needs without any interruptions or judgement.

Barbara has worked with the senior leadership team here at the Bone Cancer Research Trust for the last 6 months. She has provided us with flexible and tailored coaching to meet our needs as a new leadership team working through a time of change. Her sessions, which have been both 1-2-1 and as a group, have been invaluable – we have become a more efficient and effective team as a result, with what will hopefully be a long-lasting impact.”

Liz Eatock

Bone Cancer Research Trust

I’m so pleased I made the decision to contact Barbara Nixon. I really had no idea what to expect. The results have been truly remarkable, I have a sense of calm and understanding with a clear vision, a real tenacity to ensure I achieve my goals. There are lots of things I like about Barbara, the one thing that stands out for me is the way she always pushes you out of your comfort zone without you realising it until a few days later when reflecting. I thoroughly enjoy reading the books Barbara recommends, they are purposeful and extremely inciteful. I would recommend Barbara to anyone in leadership, anyone who is at a cross roads in their career, or you are a leader who just feels its lonely at the top, or if you just want to boost your confidence. Barbara is brilliant……my team leader has now started coaching sessions with Barbara.

Thank you Barbara it’s been an amazing journey.

Michelle Sault

How do I book?


If you’d like to discuss your needs further or want to book your complimentary 30 minute coaching session, simply e-mail me at info@barbaranixon.co.uk or give me a call on 07949 531434.

“I cannot recommend this fantastic lady enough! I’d lost sight of how to get where I wanted to go and Barbara knew exactly how to hone in on what was needed. I now have a new way of looking at how I value my own time and different aspects of my business, meaning my way forward now makes perfect sense! I feel more empowered than ever to be able to achieve my goals. Thank you Barbara for your time, support and being so on the ball!”

Helen Earnshaw

Creation Station

“Barbara has been a great inspiration to me, providing practical and very valuable tools and skills to enable me to grow in my professional development. She has unlocked my confidence and self-belief, which has enabled me to achieve my true potential. I will be eternally grateful to her for believing in me and supporting me to reflect on my strengths. Thank you and look forward to seeing you in the future.”

Trudy Morris

Wellspring Academy Trust

“Working with Barbara over six months has been life changing. She has introduced me to a new world of positive self talk which has helped me see life through a new pair of eyes. I felt like she got me from the first meeting and understood my frame of reference. I now have tools to deal with the pressures of management but also every part of my life. Thanks for inspiring me! .”

David Ryder

“The coaching experience with Barbara was helpful, effective and enjoyable. She makes you feel really at ease and comfortable. She has helped me build my confidence both professionally and personally and has provided me with life-long skills to help me develop even further and push my boundaries and limits to achieve.” 

Jade Sievewright

Barbara is an excellent coach – I have taken some great guidance and support from Barbara – she delivers her coaching in such an authentic way. I must also say her webinars and tool kits are modern and a great way of learning and putting one self first –thanks for being great!.” 

Kevin Trott



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