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Welcome to Day 3

Today we’re exploring limiting beliefs. These are the beliefs that we’ve been believing about ourselves that are holding us back.

For example – I can’t cook; People like me will never [be rich; be successful; etc] I’m rubbish at public speaking etc.

These might be tricky to spot for yourself so if nothing is coming up, ask a trusted friend, colleague or family member to watch out for the negative things you say about yourself.

You’ll also start to spot these in others.

Let me know in the comments the limiting belief that’s popping up for you.

The 2nd exercise is all about seeing what you bring to the party. This is such a lovely exercise to do so you can start to see all the great things that you do. Let me know in the comments 3 things that you bring to the party.

If you’ve any questions please do let me know.



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