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Day 7 – Mastering the art of delegating

Welcome to Day 7 of the working smarter and not harder challenge – we are almost half way there.

Ok – honesty time have you ever said this phrase….’it’s quicker if I do it myself?’

If so, I can completely understand but the problem is that trying to do everything yourself is not an option. It’s the quickest way to feeling out of control and allowing your productivity to take a nose dive.

You have a team for a reason and that’s to share the workload so now’s the time to really look at what you can delegate.

Let’s be clear here, delegating is not only a fantastic way to getting some time back for you, but it’s also a great opportunity to develop your team.

This is the perfect case for my mantra – short term pain for long term gain…because I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘by the time I’ve shown them how to do it, I could have easily have done it myself.’ But if you continue doing it yourself, you will ALWAYS be doing it. It will always be on your to do list.

By taking the time to delegate you’ve got some back up and support, you’re developing members of your team, and you’re freeing up some time.

So let’s take a look at how you do this.

Go back to your task log from day 1 and see what tasks you’re doing that could easily be done by someone else.

Now, I don’t want you to just give the task to someone else, instead take the time to coach and develop them to do the task, so you both feel comfortable, and confident that they’re able to do the task well and you’re not micro-managing.

Remember to put in some check points so you can both check in and see how they’re getting on, and answer any questions they may have or give them any additional support.

Have a go at delegating and let me know how you’re getting on by sending an email to info@barbaranixon.co.uk

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